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March 2, 2009 · No comments

Get LinkedIn for e-Commerce Success

Make valuable professional contacts using this social networking site.

With more than 35 million people on the site, LinkedIn has become the social networking site for business professionals. It’s a great tool for job hunters, of course, but in our research for a new book project, we’ve found that LinkedIn also provides a wealth of free information for anyone, no matter what they’re seeking to accomplish. Read More

February 24, 2009 · No comments

Enlisting ‘Loss Leaders’ to Boost Sales

Crazy bargains entice shoppers and produce repeat customers.

If ever you thought the annual Black Friday giveaway deals are a sign of desperation on the part of struggling retailers, think again. Certainly, many resellers utilize the limited-quantity bargains to jumpstart sales at the beginning of the holiday season, but we all know their first goal is to capture buyers’ attention. Read More

January 9, 2009 · No comments

It’s Still the Season

Adding up the post-holiday pluses

If you’re the type to suffer a bit of post-holiday blues, don’t let it get you down. After you’ve filled the final orders just prior to the major calendar events, it’s understandable that you’re a bit tired and possibly even uncertain how to re-establish yourself after the gift-giving crunch has passed. Read More

December 29, 2008 · No comments

5 Tips for Enduring an Economic Downturn

Smart listing strategies will ensure continued sales.

Since its inception, online selling has been called the “perfect market” approach. In simple terms, the concept asserts fair market value will always be obtained for goods when buyers and sellers come together to transact, the result being the current acceptable market price for goods. Read More

October 17, 2008 · No comments

‘Reposition’ Your Competition

Tactics to help you win the battle for consumer mindshare

When it comes to competing in the open marketplace, most sellers think their first job in gaining market share is to launch a superior product or service. Sure, it’s only obvious that you first need a fine product to sell but, as important as the goods and service you’ll offer, you’ll need to ensure you have a space to sell what you’re hawking. Read More

October 3, 2008 · No comments

Appealing to Your Buyers’ Senses

Use sensory cues to set your merchandise apart.

Sometimes, the best angle to differentiate your goods from those of the competition is right at your fingertips, right within earshot, right in front of your eyes, right under your nose and on the tip of your tongue. If you begin to look wildly around you for some ethereal clue of what we’re talking about, you’ll discover the answer you seek has always been with you. Read More

June 18, 2008 · No comments

Web 2.0 for E-Commerce Merchants

Use social media sites to help drive more people to your listings.

MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Beebo, YouTube—where did all these companies come from, and more importantly, what do they mean to your e-commerce business? Although the biggest of these, MySpace, is scarcely five years old, social media sites like these have become as important to teens and college-aged kids as ABC, NBC, CBS, and land-line telephones were to previous generations. Read More

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