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May 8, 2012 · 1 Comment

Sell More When You Offer Less

A lean, focused product selection can help shoppers decide to buy.

The online marketplace offers a virtual plethora of goods and services! Whatever you might be looking for, you can likely find it at your fingertips, but not all in one place. Yet, many online sellers have fallen into the trap of believing they need to offer more goods to ensure they’ll have something for everyone. Read More

May 7, 2012 · 3 Comments

Repricing Inventory on Amazon

A look at what's new in the world of competitive-pricing software

One of the first things you learn when you begin to sell on Amazon is that others sellers cheat—or, at least, it seems they do. We’ll explain. Like many sellers, when we first started selling on Amazon, we listed a dozen or so books to test Amazon’s waters. Read More

May 2, 2012 · 1 Comment

Give Your Online Business Pinterest Power

How you can use Pinterest to increase your e-commerce sales

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a Pinterest picture can be worth thousands of dollars to your online business. No matter what you sell, or where you sell it, you can use Pinterest to increase your sales! Pinterest (pronounced like interest, with a p) has rapidly become one of the best ways to: Reach new customers Raise your brand visibility Benefit from word-of-mouth referrals for your products Get high-quality referral traffic to your website, store or product listing Why Pinterest is a powerful e-commerce marketing tool On the surface, Pinterest is an online “social bulletin board” that allows you to post images that can be shared with others. Read More

May 1, 2012 · 5 Comments

Break Up with Your Spreadsheet

Why you'll be more fulfilled by switching to online bookkeeping tools

If you are like most online sellers, you have a spreadsheet that you update weekly—or maybe even daily—to track and manage your business finances. You probably have heard of all of these fancy schmancy cloud-based technologies that you can use to replace your spreadsheet, but you may be unsure why you should use them. Read More

April 24, 2012 · 4 Comments

Create a Compelling Call to Action

Convert shoppers into buyers when you direct them to take the next step.

If you attract an enviable number of visitors to your online offerings but fail to convert those visits into final sales, the problem might be in the way you guide your customers into taking the next step. Oftentimes, customers are looking for an unmistakable nudge—an invitation, if you will—to make a purchase. Read More

April 24, 2012 · No comments

Influence Marketing for E-commerce Merchants

An interview with 'Return on Influence' author Mark W. Schaefer

We’ve all heard the numbers, and they’re impressive. Facebook has 800 million friends. More than 100 million Twitter users exist. And LinkedIn has more than 150 million business professionals using its site. For merchants, just being on a site means little unless you “work the system,” that is, become engaged and influential. Read More

April 18, 2012 · 239 Comments

eBay, Amazon: a Tale of Two Marketplaces

Why eBay sellers react more passionately to change than Amazon sellers

After the recent article I wrote on the new eBay return center received so many extremely emotional responses, I started doing a lot of thinking about the eBay seller community. While I was shocked at the hatred and venom that came through so strongly in the comments from some readers, I was not at all surprised by the emotional response. Read More

April 16, 2012 · 6 Comments

Getting a Handle on Bookkeeping

Part 1 of a series that explains how you can take the work out of business accounting

Bookkeeping—yuck! Why should you even consider reading an article about bookkeeping? I’ll tell you why: Because ignoring your bookkeeping is the No. 1 mistake you can make to harm your business. At Outright, we see that most online sellers associate bookkeeping with preparing for taxes. Read More

April 11, 2012 · 5 Comments

How to Be Likeable on Social Media

Bestselling author Dave Kerpen discusses effective social media strategies for e-commerce sellers.

Captivating, boring, popular, addictive, useful, unnecessary, essential—these are all words that have been used to describe social networks. That’s why we were curious when we came upon a business book titled Likeable Social Media. Likeable? Yet this book is a New York Times bestseller and the bestselling social media book on Amazon. Read More

April 6, 2012 · No comments

Benefit When You Tell Your Business Story

Create connections with customers that will inspire their loyalty.

Every business owner has a story to tell and, believe it or not, most customers are curious to learn how your business came into being. These days, customers are looking for genuine experiences, and many are eager to support an up and comer or learn that an established business struggled back in the day, proving that perseverance and a bit of faith can still pay off in the end. Read More

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