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October 28, 2011 · No comments

How Google+ Changes Everything

An interview with bestselling author Chris Brogan

Google+, formally called the Google+ project, continues to attract interest all out of proportion to its current user base (30 million to 50 million, according to the latest estimates). In our first article about Google+, we provided some general information about the new social networking site, with the aim of helping sellers decide whether it was worth their effort right now. Read More

August 19, 2011 · No comments

How Not to Do Social Media

And a few tips to set you on the right track

You’ve got to be on social media! You must have your business set up on social media! You can make so many sales through social media! Boy, if you are not set up on social media yet, you are far behind! Read More

April 7, 2011 · No comments

Report: Does Social Media Really Work?

Businesses are convinced it's important, but value is hard to measure.

Businesses that use social media overwhelmingly agree it is a valuable marketing tool, but many are still hard-pressed to measure the value it brings, according to a new study. The 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report finds that 90 percent of marketers think social media is important for their businesses. Read More

February 2, 2010 · No comments

Social Marketing: That Tweet Smell of Success

How some online sellers are making Twitter work for them.

It’s been quite some time since we felt the need to introduce, explain and justify the microblogging site Twitter. It’s clear now that everyone knows such a thing exists, even if they don’t exactly know why or how to use it themselves. Read More

March 2, 2009 · No comments

Get LinkedIn for e-Commerce Success

Make valuable professional contacts using this social networking site.

With more than 35 million people on the site, LinkedIn has become the social networking site for business professionals. It’s a great tool for job hunters, of course, but in our research for a new book project, we’ve found that LinkedIn also provides a wealth of free information for anyone, no matter what they’re seeking to accomplish. Read More

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