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February 6, 2013 · No comments

Video: SEO Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Store

Find the right keywords and get your items found.

Learn how to drive traffic to your listings and online store by finding the right keywords and weaving them into your listings’ content. We explain what tool you should use for your research and where to place those all-important keywords. Read More

February 1, 2013 · No comments

Build Your Own Online Store, Part 5

Pick the best keywords for SEO and get your store found.

Want traffic to the new online store you just built? It’s simple! Just find the keywords your customers use to search for your business and weave them into the content on your Web store. There’s no guarantee about how much traffic this will earn you, but doing this is absolutely worth your time. Read More

September 4, 2012 · No comments

Should You Hire an SEO Consultant?

What to know, what to expect and what you can do yourself

Having a successful online business requires quality products, customer demand, good customer service, plus one other not-so-minor detail: the ability for shoppers to find the items you sell. The Internet is filled with millions of products, and you may have found that your items or Web store are not among the top search results on your favorite search engine. Read More

July 24, 2012 · 1 Comment

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Tools and techniques to get the buyer traffic you need to succeed.

Q: I started an online store last September, and I have not had one sale. Do you know where I should start to increase Web traffic and get more business? A: You’ve come across one of the primary challenges for any online seller: It can be very difficult to drive traffic to your website, considering the number of online stores that are on the Internet today. Read More

June 5, 2012 · 1 Comment

SEO Mistakes Online Sellers Should Avoid

When optimizing your website, remember the blind men and the elephant.

Q: What are the most common SEO mistakes online sellers make when trying to optimize their websites? A: The answer to this reminds me of a parable. In the story of the blind men and the elephant, six blind men each feel a part of the elephant and describe the elephant based on what they have felt. Read More

March 16, 2012 · 1 Comment

Building the Perfect Listing Title

How to discover and use the words buyers use in product searches

Online sellers realize that product titles are one of the most important factors in making a sale. It’s all about the S-E-O, or search engine optimization. However, sometimes knowing how to create a winning title can seem daunting. “Titles are the prime real estate in the eBay world,” says eBay veteran Rebecca Miller. Read More

January 24, 2012 · 1 Comment

3 Things You Must Do to Improve SEO

Done together, these SEO tips and tricks can have a significant impact on your Web traffic.

Q: What are the three most important things a small to medium-size merchant can do to improve search engine placement? A: Many e-commerce retailers are in a position to improve SEO for their websites and increase Web traffic simply by engaging in the following basic SEO tips. Read More

August 2, 2010 · No comments

Get Your Items Found, Part 2

Piece together the product search puzzle using SEO tips from eBay's Search guru.

In Get Your Items Found, Part 1, we told you how you could increase your products’ visibility by plugging them into the two leading shopping engines. Now it’s time to learn some SEO tips you can use to push your site and your products to the top of search results. Read More

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