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February 11, 2013 · No comments

Be Ready for Anything with a Business Continuity Plan

Ensure your business keeps running in the event of a disruption or disaster.

Nobody knows when business disruptions might occur, but we do know they happen. Rather than be caught off guard and unprepared, you can develop a business continuity plan that can help guide you if disaster occurs. From relatively contained technology disruptions to full-fledged natural disasters, a business continuity plan can provide you peace of mind and, more important, a plan of action to keep your business running in case events take a turn for the worse. Read More

January 30, 2013 · No comments

5 Ways to Simplify Your Online Business

Follow these steps to improve your results and reduce your stress.

Being in business isn’t easy, but it doesn’t always need to be quite so difficult either. As a business owner, you are rightly entrenched in the details of products, services and the methods that keep the customers coming, and the revenue growing. Read More

December 18, 2012 · No comments

Local Meetup eBay Groups: Meet eBay’s Meetup Manager

An interview with Jeff Terrell, director of community

Editor’s note: This article is the third of a three-part series that discusses meetup groups for eBay sellers and their benefits. If you read the first two articles in this series about meeting up with eBay groups, you know the benefits of creating or actively participating in an eBay sellers group. Read More

December 17, 2012 · No comments

How to Take a Break from Your Online Business

With proper planning, you can enjoy some worry-free time off.

Here’s a salute to all you self-employed superheroes, you who work tirelessly, endlessly and faithfully to reach your online business goals. What’s that? You’re feeling a little worn down and you might be losing some of the resolve you once had? Read More

December 11, 2012 · No comments

Local Meetup eBay Groups: How to Start One

Advice from the organizer of one of the best-known eBay groups

Editor’s note: This article is the second of a three-part series that discusses meetup groups for eBay sellers and their benefits. Our first installment in this series about meeting up with eBay groups in person left you with a homework assignment. Read More

December 10, 2012 · No comments

Use Social Network Marketing to Connect with Buyers

5 conversational ways to get your customers talking to and about you

Long ago, it was considered the “gift of gab”—the ability to meet, greet and gain trust with customers who ventured into your store. These days, with so much communication happening at every moment of every day, is it possible that some of us are saying more, yet connecting less? Read More

November 27, 2012 · No comments

Be Consistent in Your Branding Strategies

Pointers for developing a memorable identity for your online business

Your business brand is your calling card. It embodies your hard-earned business credentials, and it engages your customers, old and new. Why, then, would you utilize your brand in disconnected methods as you work to saturate the various communication and commerce platforms? Read More

July 19, 2010 · No comments

Get Your Items Found, Part 1

Put your products on the radar of the two most popular search engines.

When you have your own online store, you’re competing with thousands of other merchants to woo buyers into purchasing products from you. Having good, quality items at competitive prices is just part of the “selling” equation. You also need to provide a great buyer experience. Read More

February 17, 2010 · No comments

On the Couch with Twitter

Analyzing the effectiveness of your Twitter campaign

We don’t know about you, but we’ve become Twitterholics and can’t get enough of the popular micro-blogging site. Fortunately, there’s a Web site devoted to people just like us called, which lists the top Twitter users by number of followers. Read More

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