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About Us

The Online Seller began in 2008 and has evolved to a premiere educational resource for small- to medium-sized online sellers.

E-commerce News, Trends and Insights

Our staff writers monitor e-commerce, social networking, marketing and other topics to keep you up to date on the latest happenings. We offer best practice articles to help you run and grow your business, build your brand, cut costs and increase profits.

Our contributors are respected authors in the online selling world who have been selling on multiple platforms for years. They’ve picked up the tips and tricks to succeed and share their secrets with you each day.

Our Editors

  • Crista Souza
    Crista Souza
    Founding Editor
  • Olga Munoz
    Olga Munoz


Our Authors

  • Brad & Debra Schepp
    Brad & Debra Schepp

  • Dennis L. Prince

  • Kat Simpson
  • Lisa Suttora
    Lisa Suttora
  • Sarah Brown
    Sarah Brown
  • Miriam Otto
    Miriam Otto
  • Danna Crawford
    Danna Crawford
  • Cindy Shebley
    Cindy Shebley
  • Janelle Elms
    Janelle Elms
  • Laura Messerschmitt
    Laura Messerschmitt
  • Kent Hinesley
    Kent Hinsley
  • Chris Eckland
    Chris Eckland
  • Ariel Shmorak
    Ariel Shmorak
  • Alasdair McLean-Foreman
    Alasdair McLean-Foreman
  • Colleen Winter
    Colleen Winter
  • Luke Knowles
    Luke Knowles
  • Michael K. Rice, CMI
    Michael K. Rice, CMI
  • Steven Aldrich
    Steven Aldrich
  • Valerie Reddemann
    Valerie Reddermann
  • Jenny Fuller
    Jenny Fuller
  • Rebecca Miller
    Rebecca Miller

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