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Vendio and Etsy together at last!

Ever wonder what Vendio and Etsy have in common? The love for handcrafted creations, of course, and the desire to help  transform passion for designing and producing the most amazing handmade creations into a successful business. And how are Vendio and Etsy connected? In a much more useful way than you think. With the ability to power sales on Etsy, Vendio’s integration has reached a new level. 

The Vendio Handmade Selling Tool now offers many more options for handmade sellers who want to expand their business to many handmade marketplaces and increase their sales. With Vendio it’s easy! If this sounds interesting, then give it a try. With only one click you can gain access to our easy to use  tool and you can use it for free for 2 weeks. Want to give us feedback? You can easily extend your free trial if you choose to join our beta program. In exchange for your honest feedback you’ll get even more time to use this powerful tool for free. To join the beta program and extend your free trial of Vendio Handmade please send an email to with “Free Vendio Handmade Beta Account ” in the subject line and we’ll get back to you with details.

What do you think? Interested? Not yet? How about some more info about what you can do with Vendio Handmade.

Once your listings are loaded into Vendio Handmade, sending all your items to all of the handmade marketplaces, from Etsy to eBay and even Amazon Handmade, is easy. Automated mappings, validating your product details, bulk editing functionality; We have multiple strategies for managing your inventory – quickly and easily . Getting started is easy,  you can import your products into Vendio Handmade in many ways. Import directly from Etsy, eBay or Amazon, upload your own csv file or create your inventory directly in your Vendio Handmade account using the Create Items page. We also offer convenient listing clone and copy functions. All your sales, from any channel, can be tracked directly from Vendio Handmade. Want to learn more about Vendio Handmade?  Register here for the next live webinar and save the date.

We love your unique creations and we are building the best tools to help the world find your creations. We are eager to hear your feedback and listen to your needs. Don’t be shy! Go to Vendio Handmade, try our tools and send us your thoughts. Together we can build the ultimate Handmade multichannel tool that can help you succeed.

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Corina Posoiu
With a more technical approach due to her role as Development Manager at Vendio and being in the e-commerce world for more than 20 years, Corina Posoiu enjoys sharing her own perspective on less technical subjects from the world of online sellers.

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