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Vendio Announces 20th Birthday Celebration

Editor’s note: This article was provided by and published on behalf of Vendio.

Around the turn of the century was when the age of independent online sellers began. The internet was beginning to mature and it opened up opportunity for online businesses of all types. The birth of so many new businesses selling online led to the birth of many different third-party providers to serve those businesses. Vendio was one of those providers that was born at this time, twenty years ago this month in October of 1999.

Originally called AuctionWatch (the name change to Vendio would happen later), the company was born under the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Earth Rabbit. This should have hinted that Vendio would move steadily towards its goals with an eye for the future. And did it ever! Originally an online search tool for auction sites, Vendio has grown over the years into a full fledged inventory management solution for small and medium sellers of all types.


There have been many different people over the years that have helped Vendio grow and achieve its dreams. Many of those people have moved on. Some have been part of the company from the very beginning. Their wisdom helps the company avoid repeating the same mistakes. Others have joined in the more recent past. Their fresh ideas and new viewpoints help guide improvements and choose the next paths to follow. All have helped Vendio evolve into the business that it is today. The current combination of youth and wisdom gives Vendio a unique ability to continue on its mission of helping sellers succeed.

Common practice on a birthday is to make a wish. There have been many wishes made at Vendio and for Vendio over the last twenty years. Like all wishes, there is no guarantee which will come true. But many have and this is a good time to celebrate those wishes. Let’s take a look at twenty of the wishes that have come true over the past twenty years. Vendio wished to/for . . .


  1. Help businesses sell on eBay. And the wish came true with a listing service for eBay.
  2. Give insight to eBay sellers on how many views they are getting on their listings. Various options for adding counters on listings were added.
  3. Provide templates for eBay sellers. Those templates were made available.
  4. Help businesses sell more with a scrolling Gallery tool. The Gallery was added to the list of available tools.
  5. An Image Hosting service. And one was made to help businesses show their products.
  6. Make it easier to revise active eBay listings. Vendio Reviser was built.
  7. Allow sellers to manage their eBay feedback automatically. Automated feedback tools were created.
  8. An email tool for sellers to connect with previous buyers. The Customer Manager tool was built.
  9. Give sellers access to reports that can help them adjust their strategies to sell more. Vendio Reports was added.
  10. Tools to help keep track of inventory. Sales Manager Inventory Edition was created.
  11. Expand on the inventory tools to become a fully functional inventory management service. An updated version of Vendio was released to the public.
  12. Give sellers the ability to have their own online store. And so it happened with the addition of Vendio Stores.
  13. Bulk edit inventory items with ease. Multiple bulk editing tools and profiles were made part of Vendio.
  14. Make order management easy. Tools to manage and ship orders were made to appear.
  15. Help businesses sell on Amazon. Integration with Amazon’s site was completed.
  16. Allow sellers to share their inventory across marketplaces. The shared listing strategy was implemented.
  17. Help businesses sell on Facebook. Integration with Facebook Stores was provided.
  18. Integrate with Etsy. Etsy import options were added (with the ability to list to Etsy and manage Etsy orders coming soon).

The second most recent wish (number 19) was to better support sellers that make their own items. And Vendio Handmade was just recently released, with support for Amazon Handmade included.


Vendio’s most recent birthday wish (number 20) was to share its birthday and give a gift to others. So on its twentieth birthday Vendio is offering a free month of the new Vendio Handmade service to twenty customers. The first twenty Vendio Handmade customers that send an email to with “Free Month of Vendio Handmade” in the title will receive one free month of Vendio’s newest service (up to a $19.95 value). If you make your own products this is for you!


We’ve taken a look at some of the wishes that Vendio made during the past twenty years that have come true, and they have all taken huge amounts of work and dedication to achieve. Looking back not only provides a sense of satisfaction, but also helps provide insight and clarity for the direction of the next path to follow. When your business has its next birthday, why not take a moment and recall the wishes that you have helped it achieve? Whether your business is twenty years old or twenty days old, it can be immensely rewarding to help shape it and watch it grow over time.

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Nathan Wood
Nathan Wood is the manager of customer support for Vendio and Storenvy. He has over 13 years of experience helping small and medium sized businesses, and is passionate about helping sellers succeed.

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