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Auctiva Announces Launch of Multi-Channel Software for Amazon and eBay

After 20 years of helping online sellers grow their eBay business, ecommerce software company Auctiva has announced a new multi-channel tool, available today in a beta state. This new software maintains the same successful tool set for eBay that has sustained Auctiva for two decades, but also adds powerful listing and product management tools for Amazon. Product Manager Natasha Burns told us “we understand that the modern ecommerce merchant sells on two or more marketplaces and this is why we’ve spent the last 18 months developing a new, multi-channel selling service that supports the two most popular US marketplaces, Amazon and eBay. Our product is currently in a beta state, but it’s available to the public for whoever wants to use it and be part of our beta committee. Those who participate in our beta will have opportunities to voice their opinions and help shape the service by sharing their feedback and ideas.” 

Setting Auctiva apart from the competition was a key driver in how the company developed this tool and the features that come along with it. “Most software companies in this space either offer a very limited selection of tools or serve just one marketplace. The platforms that do offer true multi-channel support are too expensive to be practical for a SMB. We’ve positioned Auctiva to serve as a multi-channel solution with price points that fit everyone” said Director of Marketing, John Nash. Auctiva’s monthly prices start off at $29.95 per month and cap out at $199.95. The four pricing tiers are based on the number of active skus a merchant has, meaning small businesses can scale with Auctiva.

So why did it take 18 months to launch this multi-channel tool? Greg Anderson, CTO of MoreCommerce (Auctiva’s parent company) expressed the importance of having a modern, user friendly platform that was robust enough to handle an online seller’s needs. “Auctiva has been innovating on sellers’ behalves for almost two decades, but our current investment in Auctiva’s tools are unprecedented” Anderson says. He continues “We’ve rebuilt Auctiva from the ground up to service sellers’ needs across both eBay and Amazon regardless of the device used, Desktop to Mobile. We’ve taken care of the technology so you can focus on the needs of your customers. All with the world-class support you’ve come to expect from Auctiva.” The internet is full of sellers groups and blogs where merchants discuss and commiserate on the challenges of selling on multiple platforms. For many of these merchants, these challenges result in penalties or drops in sales, both of which put their businesses at risk. Auctiva hopes to mitigate these challenges for sellers by creating a central location for small businesses to manage their business.

Auctiva is a MoreCommerce solution. MoreCommerce is focused on helping SMBs grow their reach and sales through the various platforms they offer and Auctiva’s multi-channel solution is specifically geared toward the businesses looking to grow on the industry’s two largest marketplaces.

You can learn more and sign up for a 30 day free trial at their website:

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