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Quick Tips: eBay’s Change to the Guaranteed Delivery Program!

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Do you participate in eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery Program? Then we have some good news for you.

Good News For eBay Guaranteed Delivery

As of February 1st, eBay announced their Guaranteed Delivery Program no longer requires sellers to use eBay labels. This means you can now fulfill your orders through third-party applications and get discounted USPS shipping labels!

If you are looking for a third party order management and shipping tool, TheOnlineSeller recommends Auctiva. When you purchase shipping labels through Auctiva, you get them at a discounted rate and your tracking information is automatically sent back to eBay. Fast shipping and keeping your customers informed about the status of their order is a great way to build customer loyalty and drive repeat sales.

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Natasha Burns
Natasha Burns is the Senior Product Manager for OSP Holdings.

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