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Email Subject Lines May Lift Mother’s Day Sales

Firm finds the right subject can draw in more buyers.

Want to grab buyers’ attention as you get ready for Mother’s Day? Send out a promo email and focus on the subject line.

Research from Experian Marketing Services notes that personalized subject lines in emails translate into a 54-percent increase in unique open rates and a 66-percent increase in sales.

But that’s not all you can do to appeal to buyers as May 12 nears.

The firm adds that having special offers in subject lines increases sales by 32 percent and revenue per email by 15 percent. Offering free shipping or a free gift in the subject line can boost business 30 percent and revenue per email 25 percent. Additionally, including the phrase “treat yourself” upped open rates by 10 percent.

Using urgency can also help draw in buyers, the company finds, adding that subject lines that included words like “last day,” “final hours” and “today only” have had more than twice the sales as other Mother’s Day emails.

So when should you start sending out promo emails for Mother’s Day? Experian says some sellers start in early April, but 46 percent of emails go out the week before Mother’s Day.

“During the high-volume week just prior to the holiday, it appears the pressure to buy something for Mom is strong enough that urgency words in subject lines may not be needed,” the firm notes on its blog.

Last year shoppers were expected to spend an average of $152.52 on Mother’s Day. Total sales were projected to reach $18.6 billion, according to the National Retail Federation.

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