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Etsy Adjusts Customer Service Stats

Seller concerns prompt changes to response, processing time stats.

Etsy’s Customers Service Stats were meant to help sellers gauge that part of their business. However, several merchants reported the stats weren’t displaying the right information, prompting the marketplace to update the feature.

Heather Burkman, a member of Etsy’s product marketing team, announced officials made two changes to stats on Wednesday. One change has to do with how long it takes sellers to respond to buyers, the other with processing times.

Burkman reports Etsy has adjusted the response time stats so they now count how long it takes a merchant to contact a buyer the first time. Previously, that stat kept counting the response time throughout the conversation.

She adds that for orders with multiple items—and multiple processing times—Etsy will apply the longest processing time to all products in that order. This way, if a seller ships all the items at once—after the shortest processing time—he or she will not be penalized.

“As long as you ship by the longest processing time in that order, you will have ‘met your processing time,'” Burkman explains.

She encourages sellers who notice other issues with the Customer Service Stats to report them at or in the Bugs forum.

Despite the changes, some sellers still aren’t sure how helpful the stats are.

Seller herflyinhorses says the stats aren’t useful to her. “I still don’t understand how they give us valuable info that we don’t already know?” she notes.

Deirdre Durtado says the reporting doesn’t bother her, though her stats are “way off reality.”

“I expect these stats do help some new sellers who are still trying to figure out how things work,” she adds.

Etsy introduced Customer Service Stats in late February. They tell merchants how they’re doing in several aspects of their business like response times, processing times, meeting stated processing times, marking items as shipped and including tracking information for U.S. sellers.

The stats are not visible to buyers and do not affect search results, Etsy notes.

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