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Etsy Adds Customer Service Reports

Feature meant to help sellers 'build better relationships' with buyers.

Customer service is important to selling online and a new feature on Etsy helps merchants gauge how they’re doing in that part of their business.

Introduced on Wednesday, Etsy Customer Service Stats tell merchants how they’re doing in several customer service aspects. These include how quickly they respond to buyers’ questions and how often they include processing times, meet their stated processing times and mark items as shipped. U.S. merchants will also see how they’re doing on including tracking information for their items.

The stats are for merchants’ information and will not affect their feedback scores, how shops appear in search results or browse pages, or be visible to buyers, Etsy reports.

“Customer service is an important aspect of running a shop on Etsy, and we want to make it easier for sellers to monitor how they’re doing,” says Heather Burkman, a member of Etsy’s product marketing team.

“Our intention is to share actionable and useful information with sellers to help you build better relationships with your customers”

“Our intention is to share actionable and useful information with sellers to help you build better relationships with your customers, and in turn, build a stronger marketplace for everyone,” she adds. “This is also a helpful way to guide new sellers who may be working with customers for the first time.”

Merchants split on feature

Sellers can access their stats by logging in to their accounts, hovering their mouses over Your Shop and clicking “Customer Service Stats.” There they’ll see their stats based on the last 60 days of their shops’ activities and Etsy’s recommendation for each aspect they’re rated on.

Merchants weren’t too sure about the new feature. Barbara Rice, the owner of Violets and Wine, says the stats she saw in her account weren’t accurate. “Fifty-six percent [on] providing procession time, but at the same time I’m shipping within one day of my listing processing time?”

It didn’t make sense to her.

Courtney, the owner of courtanai, adds her ratings didn’t accurately reflect how she does business.

“I forgot to mark a bunch [of orders] as shipped, so I’m at 35 percent on that and same goes with tracking,” she notes. “All my labels are though PayPal, so I hardly ever enter the tracking info.”

Faro of OhFaro likes the new feature and says her scores were “on target.”

“If I print a label on PayPal, I put the tracking on the Etsy order, and I do the same if I use Etsy shipping for a PayPal order,” she reports. “As a buyer, I don’t care how many notices I get that an item has shipped. In my view, it’s much better than getting none at all and being left in the dark.”

Megan Vass from NorthShoreTreasure says she doesn’t mind the stats, as long as they’re only visible to the seller, though she’s not sure how often she’ll look at them.

“If it’s only something for my education, it’s fine, and I’ll probably ignore it,” she adds.

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