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Online Auction Sites Other than eBay

A look at some of eBay's competition

As eBay continues to increase its fees and other marketplaces like shut down, sellers are scrambling to find the next best option.

A few months ago, we looked at a few eBay alternatives that incorporate real-time auctions into the online community.

Here, we look at a few other online auction sites other than eBay that promise to be tough competition for the giant, based on research by

Most complaints about eBay center around the fee increases the marketplace regularly introduces

Yes, eBay is ranked No. 1 among auction sites by this popular research site because, let’s face it, eBay set the standard for auctions and traffic. Still, as sellers’ frustrations toward the titan increase, developers are gaining more reasons to create alternatives.

Costs, ease of use are important

The most important aspect a seller looks at when considering a marketplace is cost. Many online merchants are small-business and hobby-based entrepreneurs who don’t want to spend a fortune on overhead costs to reach a small audience.

Most complaints about eBay center around the fee increases the marketplace regularly introduces, for instance, including shipping fees in final value fees merchants pay. This helped combat the sellers who list items for low prices with a high shipping charge, however, the change also hurt many honest merchants who weren’t doing this.

Other priorities in finding the right online auction site are audience and ease of use. The following four alternatives to eBay are some of the top go-to sites for sellers looking for a new marketplace.


Webstore promises to be tough competition for eBay. Perhaps the most obvious reason is that it charges no fees for buying and selling. That is, except for payment processing fees by your credit card processor, PayPal or Google Checkout. Those are just unavoidable.

Webstore promises to be tough competition for eBay. Perhaps the most obvious reason is that it charges no fees for buying and selling

Webstore makes money by placing ads on its site. This is kind of a return to traditional advertising methods and it seems to be making a return as a solid stream of revenue for online sites. Even eBay is adding ads into its platform. ranked Webstore a close second to eBay. It praises Webstore’s selling and buying tools, as well as its system for building a seller’s reputation. We’ll be looking at this eBay alternative in depth in a future article.


Following Webstore on is eBid, a U.K.-based site founded only a few years behind eBay and now boasting a global audience.

Membership and listings are free, with a 3-percent final value fee if your item sells. Or you can upgrade your membership by paying a one-time fee that lets you avoid the final value charge. Upgrades can be as low as $2 for seven days and as high as $75 for a lifetime upgrade.

There are also extra fees for special options, like bold text, subtitles and featuring your item in a particular category. With as many as 4.5 million auctions and 13,000 categories, as well as tools similar to those offered by eBay, eBid’s fees are competitive and worth a look if you’re looking for online auction sites other than eBay. likes this site because it is “simple, straightforward and easy to use,” was founded by a genuine auctioneer and PowerSeller, Chris Fain, and other successful online auction users. The site offers different membership options for both buyers and sellers.

Seller memberships start at $8 a month and allow you to bid, communicate and sell without any other fees. likes this site because it is “simple, straightforward and easy to use,” but finds the attention grabbers are limited in comparison to other popular auction sites.

The pages are easy to navigate, and the company keeps its blog, announcements and news pages fairly updated. To see what’s selling or just to get an idea of how many sales take place in a day, visit the site’s What’s Sold page.


Finally, there’s OZtion aka “Quicksales.” Since many of our readers hail from Australia, it seems worthwhile to take a look at this popular online auction site. Besides that, ranks this option in its top 10.

While these and other alternatives to eBay contend for the No. 1 spot among auction sites, the challenge they all face is gaining the branding foundation and audience recognition needed

Perhaps even USA and U.K. sellers may be interested in testing out this marketplace to expand their reach.

Membership and listing is free, and final value fees are a flat 2-percent per item sold. You can also pay for special features, like a bold title for $1 or even a front page feature for $15. points out that features like Dutch auctions, or offering multiple items in a single listing, and blocking specific bidders are not available on OZtion. You can, however, cancel an auction for $3 if bidding has already taken place.

The challenge

While these and other alternatives to eBay contend for the No. 1 spot among auction sites, the challenge they all face is not so much getting sellers, but rather gaining the branding foundation and audience recognition needed for merchants to make sales.

If you’re researching new online marketplaces or have experience selling on any of these top picks, please share your observations with us.

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Sarah Brown is a freelance writer who writes about e-commerce and small businesses. She recently graduated from Chico State with a journalism degree and is also a budding online entrepreneur, having launched two Web businesses and her own line of handmade products. Opinions expressed here may not be shared by The Online Seller and/or its principals.

  • Chris.

    I had a bad experience with eBid recently, I did have an account but stopped using it, then without warning they started taking unauthorised payments from my Paypal account. I contacted them with several emails, they do not supply a phone number, I wonder why? Money was taken every week, they said they couldn’t find any record of the money going into their account. I contacted Paypal, they advised cancelling my Access card and renewing it, this cured the unauthorised payments and I had a refund from Paypal too.

  • disqus_XEvJB6EwNC

    Thanks for this post. I would like to hear from other users their options on the sites. I am a business seller on eBay and fee up with their policies and fees.

  • Ray

    I tried Webstore with a few of my better selling items from my eBay store. It was easy to use, but, no traffic and no sales. The big problem is name recognition. Everybody has heard of eBay, but not many people have heard of the other sites. I believe that once more potential customers have heard of the other places, things will pick up. So, for the time being, I will suck it up and will continue to use eBay, until they become too expensive to use (which I fear will not be too long).

  • Carol Adams

    Great article! The ecommerce site that I use is It allows you to post a commission with your item to increase sales. You can also create your own web store.

  • Keith

    Just one more reason why Auctiva should makes itself useful for sites other than eBay, or at the very least make downloading saved listings a possibility.

    • Kevin

      Keith, I strongly agree with you. Auctiva could really take advantage of a diverse online marketplace if it was smart.

  • bren

    I’ve been dealing with ebay, not good, between category limits that aren’t in black and white (I’m talking about handcrafted handbags)(I now have a cedar closet full) limit is 20 a month depending on who you talk to, and fees, not to mention that I can’t access the combined invoice feature (neither could their csr), which panics the buyer since they see shipping adding up, not combining, they may be at the top now, I don’t see them staying there. I’m researching other sites. Between category limits, csrs who have a different answer for the same question, outrageous fees, features that are there to help the sellers (except the seller, nor the csr can access). I don’t feel its a business I want to deal with, I wouldn’t if they were in my neighborhood.

  • Alan Pentland

    I found an online auction site that is not part of your review.
    I was quiet impressed when I first and thought you may wish to review it.
    I believe it launched at the beginning of the year it is called Pitmart.

    Beat Regards

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