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Yardsellr Nixes eBay Alternative Marketplace

Company will close selling site, focus on new product.

Another social commerce site—an eBay alternative—will soon close its virtual doors.

Danny Leffel, the founder and CEO of Yardsellr, notes in a recent announcement that the site will close in 59 days.

That will give sellers time to adjust and look for new venues on which to sell, while continuing to fulfill orders, cancel them and input tracking, and allow buyers time to report issues with shipments. However, merchants cannot list new products or relist items as of Monday.

Items posted before the announcement will stay live for the next 29 days, according to a post on the Yardsellr Blog, which adds that for the next 29 days, sellers will be able to make sales and get paid.

The decision to close Yardsellr comes after months of company officials talking to other firms who wanted to use Yardsellr’s technology, Leffel reports. He says those companies wanted to “turbo charge their ecommerce business using the Yardsellr strategies of blending games and social with buying and selling.”

Officials felt they couldn’t focus on selling software and services to ecommerce companies and on Yardsellr at the same time, so they decided to shut down the marketplace. The Yardsellr team will now focus on a new product called CompoundM, which will launch in a few weeks, Leffel says.

“The team is excited to tackle a new business, but we are also sad to say goodbye to Yardsellr,” he continues. “I know many of you have been through transitions like this in your own work, so I am sure you know how we feel.”

The news got some sellers asking where they’ll go. Duane Bressler posted, “If anyone would like to stay connected with suggestions or other good Internet selling sites, please friend me on Facebook.”

Becky Torres posts, “Just great. I finally found a better alternative to eBay and now you’re shutting down. Ugh, oh well. I guess that’s life.”

Payvment, another social commerce platform and eBay alternative, announced it would close its doors at the end of February.

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  • alison andrews is picking up a lot of sellers from yardsellr. It is a new ecommerce concept alternative for buyers and sellers!

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