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New USPS Rates Kick In

New prices take effect Sunday, will affect 15 services.

Starting Sunday, mailing your items via the U.S. Postal Service could cost you a little more.

On that day, new USPS rates for 15 services—including Express Mail, Priority Mail, Parcel Select, First-Class Package Service and Express Mail International—take effect, USPS reports.

On average, sending packages via Express Mail will cost merchants 5.8 percent more than it does now, 6.3 percent more if they go with Priority Mail, 9 percent more when they choose Parcel Select and 3 percent more if they opt for First-Class Package Service. You can see all the price changes at

eBay notes on a post in its General Announcements that it has updated its Shipping Calculator and shipping labels with the new prices, and asks sellers to ensure their shipping costs also reflect the new fees.

Officials add that once the new USPS rates kick in, Parcel Post won’t be available for purchase through eBay Labels, though a replacement service will be provided in March.

“Active listings with Parcel Post will automatically be updated to the new comparable replacement service Parcel Select, which will be available in the selling flow and shipping calculator as of Jan. 27,” the marketplace states in its Shipping Center.

eBay also reports that once the new fees take effect, First-Class Mail International will become First Class Package International Service, which sellers will be able to buy via eBay Labels starting Sunday.

Rebecca Miller, an eBay seller of more than 13 years, says sellers probably won’t like the new USPS rates.

“No one likes to see an increase in fees of any kind,” she continues, adding that it cuts into profits.

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  • TyT2

    All the Price increases dont seem that bad except for International Mail, Anything that weighs over 2oz the Prices went up dramaticly and really hurts people who send overseas often. 🙁

  • JM

    I used Int’l Mail quite a bit, and the new arrangement makes a huge jump in the rates – having only the int’l package option rather than allowing int’l mail. This part of the change is a real bummer for those out of the US wanting to buy small items (cds, photos, etc). I tried navigating the USPS site today to print the necessary declaration form – but way, way too many steps to make it worth the effort.

  • frank

    Ebay not fixing parcel post until march is ridiculous. I’m going to load hundreds of packages into a truck and fill up the post office for hours to do what could be done automatically.

    • Jimbo

      Funny, Amazon was proactive enough to include USPS Parcel Select in their shipping options right away.
      WHY NOT ebay??? Oh, that’s right. They (ebay) are run by BUMBLING MORONS!!!!!

  • Jimbo

    The 100% increase in International shipping will cost EVERYONE money, including ebay. My international sales have vanished overnight. Just shows actually how much influence ebay has at the United States Postal Service. NONE.
    All these cutbacks and price increases are in place to pay for union benefits (especially for retirees) and wages, which the Postal Service cannot afford. Another example of how labor unions have killed our economy. Most every job done by unskilled labor for high pay has been shipped overseas, in every industry.
    And we all pay the price when those jobs that can’t be outsourced to foreign countries stay here, in the hands of overpaid unionized employees. This country cannot survive with labor unions anymore. Plain and simple.

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