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Sales Booming for Merchants Selling on Bonanza

Seller reviews to display on Google Shopping, could bring in buyers.

Merchants selling on Bonanza experienced good November sales on the marketplace, and December sales are doing even better, according to a company official.

In a recent post on the Bonanza Blog, Mark Dorsey, the marketplace’s co-founder, tells merchants selling on Bonanza that “November numbers smashed last year, and December is shaping up to be a humdinger of a month, by a wide margin.”

Dorsey reports that more shoppers are stopping by the site. In fact, the site has seen a 60-percent increase in direct visitors compared to last year.

November numbers smashed last year, and December is shaping up to be a humdinger of a month, by a wide margin

“In short, shoppers are remembering where to go to find ‘everything but the ordinary,’ and that is a very good thing,” he continues.

Reviews could keep sales going

Dorsey says merchants selling on Bonanza can keep the momentum going by advertising their stores on Google Shopping via Bonanza. He adds that sellers who do so—and meet certain requirements—will see their feedback ratings displayed on Google Shopping, which could bring in more buyers.

Ratings appear on a one- to five-star scale, and show how many reviews sellers have below the price of the item displayed. They also show the name of the store selling the product. However, merchants must have at least 30 unique reviews on Bonanza from the past 12 months to have reviews show up on Google Shopping, he reports.

“For sellers who do not meet that criteria, do not fret; we have a game plan,” Dorsey notes. “We are going to be more aggressive on our side to ensure the process of leaving feedback is as easy as it can possibly be for your buyers.”

Merchants selling on Bonanza were happy to hear about the reviews.

“Anything that will give buyers added peace of mind in shopping here is a good thing,” writes seller yippykiyea. “It also rewards good sellers, which is an added bonus.”

The merchant adds she’s noticed “a real uptick” in her sales over the past months. “This year I have already made twice the sales I did last year,” she reports.

Seller Yettalass adds, “Great news. I have had a good year on Bonanza and know it will only get better. Thanks for all you do to make it such a great place to be.”

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