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How to Take a Break from Your Online Business

With proper planning, you can enjoy some worry-free time off.

Here’s a salute to all you self-employed superheroes, you who work tirelessly, endlessly and faithfully to reach your online business goals.

What’s that? You’re feeling a little worn down and you might be losing some of the resolve you once had? Don’t beat yourself up—you’ve already done that with your strident adherence to guide your online business, day in and day out. You might be deserving of a break to help you catch your breath and reinvigorate your passion.

Here are some key points to consider as you plan your great escape without leaving your business in the lurch. Yes, you can take that much-needed breather and, along the way, breathe new life and potential into your business.

It begins with proper planning

Many online business owners successfully continue with sales during a week or two when they’re away

You know what they say about “all work and no play.” The truth is, there is a bit of work required to ensure you can get away from your work. Some online business owners might lament that it’s just too difficult to step away, and that it’s just easier to keep soldiering on, day after day, month after month, year after year. If that notion sounds a bit exhausting, it is!

If you want to take a break—and you really should on a regular basis—you need to plan for it; the opportunity rarely presents itself. Your getaway plan could begin when you do the following:

  • Determine a best time of year to get away that won’t adversely affect your sales. Naturally, you’ll want to be on hand during your busiest times of year, but when you time-box those periods, you’ll discover the less-busy times that would allow time away.
  • Decide if you can put your online business on auto-pilot for brief periods of time. If you pre-plan when you’ll be away and communicate with your customers—new and existing—about when you’ll be away, they’ll know what to expect and when to expect you back. In fact, many online business owners successfully continue with sales during a week or two when they’re away, providing upfront information of any slight delays in order fulfillment or response to inquiries. If you let your customers know you’ll be away ahead of time, they won’t wonder if they’re being ignored.
  • Seek out someone to mind the store while you’re away. If you work your online business alone, see if a friend or family member can tend to matters while you’re away. Plan ahead to review procedures and processes with your stand-in, so he or she will be able to faithfully fill your shoes during your absence. And, by the same method of letting your customers know your plans ahead of time, announce when you’ll be away and who will be minding the store in your absence.

These are just a few ways to begin thinking about planning for your time away. The key factor here, though, is that you’ll need to plan if you want to enjoy time away without having your online business take a hit.

Develop a plan to keep organized with tasks to be done daily, weekly, monthly and so on

It requires proper organization

A key prerequisite to your planning for a getaway is ensuring your online business is organized and up to date, not just as you’re planning to step away, but on a daily basis. Whether it’s ordering inventory, paying your bills, shipping items, or maintaining your business records, keep your activities current and complete if you truly want to plan some time off for yourself.

Many business owners are reticent to step away often because they’re behind on their work. Once you fall behind, that administrative snowball often grows and grows to the point that getting your business affairs in order is too overwhelming.

Develop a plan to keep organized with tasks to be done daily, weekly, monthly and so on. When you keep your business activities current, you’ll find it easier to plan and enjoy some vacation time. You’ll also find that putting the online business on auto-pilot or handing it over to a temporary stand-in is much simpler if you’re caught up in your work.

It helps you respond to unplanned events

Sometimes, time away from a business isn’t planned at all. Life happens. Whether an unplanned situation requires you to step away or you fall ill, or whatever, if you have a method that allows you to plan time away along with a reliable approach to organization, you’ll be in a best position possible to take a leave when you least expect it.

Planning, organization and communication will be your best methods to let you tend to unexpected matters without your customers suffering an unexplained lapse in service.

Some of your best ideas and deepest motivations come to you when you can clear your mind, change your scenery and get some rest

It renews your passion for your online business

Most important in all of this planning and preparation is that you’ll be able to take a break to think—or not to think at all. Some of your best ideas and deepest motivations come to you when you can clear your mind, change your scenery and get some rest.

You’ll be less inclined to suffer burnout if you can regularly plan time to refresh and rejuvenate yourself. And, with proper planning and organization, you’ll be able to truly enjoy your time away without being left wondering how your online business is doing.

Do yourself and your business a favor: Plan some time away and you’ll discover that the wheels of your progress won’t grind to a halt. When you prepare ahead of time, you’ll better ensure a refreshing break that every business owner needs and deserves.

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