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ArtFire Begins Submitting Items to Google Shopping

Marketplace will pay fees associated with submissions.

ArtFire will begin submitting eligible items to Google Shopping after suspending its submissions when the search engine began charging.

Caleb Daniels, the company’s director of search engine optimization, says ArtFire submitted a few test listings to Google Shopping to see if it would generate traffic for those listings. The results were positive, so the company decided to begin submitting eligible products to Google Shopping on behalf of its sellers.

ArtFire stopped submitting items to Google when Google Shopping replaced Google Product Search. Daniels explains that Google Shopping is a cost-per-click program similar to Google AdWords, which charges a fee when someone clicks on submitted items.

ArtFire is “paying the fees associated with any clicks,” he reports. “One of the main reasons we’re able to afford this extra expense has been the introduction of the commission-based Craft Supply category.”

While we are encouraged by the results we’ve seen so far, what happens in the future will depend on how expensive Google Shopping advertising becomes

Not all items will display

To make sure items are eligible for submission to Google Shopping, ArtFire sellers must fill out all of the Google Shopping fields applicable to their items. However, Daniels warns that not all eligible products will always display on Google Shopping.

“That depends on how many people are bidding for a given search term, and how many are willing to pay per click,” he adds.

The official asks sellers not to click on ArtFire items in Google Shopping unless they actually want to buy the item, since each click costs the company money, “and our budget is set to a maximum daily spend,” he says.

He also discourages sellers from looking for their items on Google Shopping since Google takes click-through rates into account when deciding which items display, so searching for items and not clicking on them would lower their click through and “decrease the likelihood that your products get shown to an actual shopper,” he notes.

Daniels didn’t say how long the company will submit items to Google Shopping.

“While we are encouraged by the results we’ve seen so far, what happens in the future will depend on how expensive Google Shopping advertising becomes, and how successfully the new commission-based Craft Supply section performs,” he notes. “Our goal is to grow the new Craft Supply section to a point that it can fully fund the advertising needs of all the sellers in the ArtFire marketplace.”

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