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Terapeak Adds Android App

Research tool could prevent users from buying 'dud' inventory, officials say.

eBay sellers who use Android devices and have Terapeak subscriptions will now be able to research the items they’re thinking of listing from anywhere.

The research tool maker announced on Monday it has released a free app for Android devices, which is available through Google Play. The app works with any paid Terapeak subscription and displays information from 90 days’ worth of closed eBay listings, so sellers can research items before they list them. On the app, sellers will be able to see the average price of the items they’re thinking of selling, the number of similar products currently on eBay and the sell-through rates of those items.

Terapeak officials say having the ability to research items on the go—and while out buying inventory—removes the risk of “buying dud or dead inventory.”

Kevin North, president and CEO of Terapeak, says iPhone users have been able to do this for years, “giving them a better chance to compete in the marketplace.” Now sellers who use Androids will get the same benefit.

“With the growing popularity of Android devices, we responded to this new demand and satisfied one of the most popular requests from our customers,” he adds. “As we invest more into Terapeak’s mobile technologies, we will continually strive to exceed their requirements and expectations.”

The app currently has a 3.5 rating out of 4. One user writes, “Yay! Terapeak has come to Android! So far, I am loving this app.”

Another says, “Now I can find out how much my Hello Kitty toys cost right at the garage sale. Thanks, Terapeak.” However, one user did report the app froze at the login screen.

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