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Amazon Pages Foster Business Branding

Third-party Amazon sellers can create a 'custom destination' to drive traffic.

Amazon has begun letting third-party merchants set up custom business pages on its marketplace, complete with branded URLs, social media integration and analytics.

A new feature known as Amazon Pages gives merchants a way to more fully develop their online businesses on Amazon’s marketplace.

Though Amazon hasn’t formally announced the new offering, TechCrunch reports the marketplace has been “quietly pushing” the service to its third-party sellers.

Integrated with Amazon Pages is a social marketing element called Amazon Posts and a way to measure the impact of your marketing using Amazon Analytics. Amazon Pages, Posts and Analytics are free to use, although applications are reviewed by Amazon, and only one page per brand is allowed.

The pages allow for more and larger images than current merchant pages on Amazon, and include social media buttons as well as merchandising widgets for featured products and cross selling opportunities. Amazon is offering three customizable storefronts that let merchants showcase products only, mix in social posts with their merchandising or make the page a hub for social posts only.

FAQs about Amazon Pages can be found here. A PDF guide to setting up Amazon Pages can be downloaded here.

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