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Selling on Etsy? Holidays Should Be Merry

CEO says Etsy marketplace will break sales records.

Etsy is sitting in a good spot as it heads into the holiday season and will generate record sales.

That’s the message Chad Dickerson, Etsy’s CEO, shares with merchants selling on Etsy. He reports that at the end of October, Etsy had grown to more than 20 million members. In the first week of this month, it passed the $700 million mark in sales to date in 2012. That means Etsy will far surpass last year’s sales total of $525 million.

The company’s direct checkout has processed more than $100 million—selling on Etsy has increased twice the amount reported in September, Dickerson adds, noting that Etsy is entering the holiday season with “increasing momentum.”

“Last year, the Etsy community blew away all past records, with Cyber Monday sales increasing by more than 80 percent over the prior year, and growth rates for the entire month of December exceeding the prior year’s for the first time in Etsy’s history,” he writes. “We are expecting new records to be created in 2012, too.”

We are expecting more people to learn about Etsy from their friends and family, creating new Etsy fans in 2013

Focus on bringing in new buyers

Dickerson says the site is focusing on bringing in new shoppers to the marketplace to get more sales, and has added ways to improve the buying experience. This includes adding Etsy gift cards, and Holidays and Gift Ideas sections on the site. He also reports that Etsy will open its first ever brick-and-mortar store in New York City from Nov. 29 through Dec. 8 to introduce new shoppers to merchants selling on Etsy.

“We want shoppers to know that they don’t have to buy the same old gifts this year; Etsy sellers offer a better choice,” he continues.

Etsy will also highlight products on its site that feature special promotions from Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, through Cyber Monday, the Monday after the holiday, notes Heather Burkman, a member of the company’s Marketing and Merch team. That could also help attract buyers and generate sales.

To participate, merchants selling on Etsy must clearly state their promotions—which can be discounts on price or shipping cost—in their descriptions and add the tag Black Friday Etsy or Cyber Monday Etsy.

“We are expecting more people to learn about Etsy from their friends and family, creating new Etsy fans in 2013,” Dickerson notes.

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