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Best YouTube Channels for Online Selling Tips

Where to find help and inspiration to operate your business

It’s late in the day, your eyes are tired from staring at your computer screen for hours and hours, but it’s too early to pack it in. One thing we like to do at these times is check out some videos that are both entertaining and educational. More often than not that means turning to our favorite YouTube channels.

When you view YouTube videos selectively, you’re still working—you’re hopefully learning, too, but you may be entertained as well. Not only that, you’re giving your eyes a rest since the focus here is on listening, not reading.

Of course, you know quite well that there have to be many, many YouTube videos that would help and inspire you as you operate your business, day to day. The challenge is finding those videos without wasting a lot of time, or getting sidetracked watching stuff that’s interesting but not really all that educational. (Consider that people watch more than 4 billion hours of video each month on YouTube).

YouTube channels do the work for you

One way to meet that challenge is to subscribe to YouTube channels. Once you’ve subscribed to one or more channels, you will get a weekly emailed YouTube Digest, which features all the latest videos from your channels. Now you can use some of your YouTube time viewing videos from your digest. You don’t need to go poking around the site looking for things that would entertain and inform you. Links to great content arrive in your email.

We set out to find some of the best YouTube channels for online sellers. We asked members of Facebook’s vibrant eCommerce Group and did some research on our own. Here’s what we came up with.

Google Webmasters

“The Google Webmasters channel will make you smarter than 98.9 percent of all e-commerce people on the planet, overnight”

The Google Webmasters channel “will make you smarter than 98.9 percent of all e-commerce people on the planet, overnight,” says e-commerce merchant and educator John Lawson. If you have an e-commerce website, you should definitely check out this channel.

The most helpful videos here show you how you can use Google’s Webmaster Tools, which give you a ton of information on how Google sees your site. Use these tools to enhance and increase traffic to your site, better connect with your visitors, and determine your site’s most successful pages and even the most popular products on those pages.

John Lawson

Lawson’s own channel is a “portal for online seller education and business news for the small- to medium-size business owners and entrepreneurs.” That description, however, doesn’t really capture the flavor of the channel. The videos offer Lawson’s take on e-commerce topics and news, but they do that in an entertaining, often amusing way.

There are videos here on how to expand your business through social media, topics like eBay seller updates, and information comparing the search experience on both eBay and Amazon. Lawson interviews people like George Trantas, CEO of, who shares his story of how he grew a multimillion-dollar business that started on eBay.

The most popular video on this channel is about how to fold a bandana for “that cool biker or urban look.” As Lawson sells bandanas on his site, this video is an example of how to use the power of YouTube to drive business your way.

Glendon Cameron: a ‘recovering storage-auction addict’

Speaking of educational and entertaining, Glendon Cameron’s channel is all that, plus it’s quite motivational. About Cameron, a self-described storage auction addict, Louie TheSeller says “not only does he offer some e-comm education, but also life lessons, and he motivates the hell out of me. If he doesn’t upload another video soon, I might have to go down to Atlanta and see what’s up!”

On Cameron’s channel you’ll find videos on what he calls the “hustler’s mindset” or the mental side of success. No doubt, he is an expert on storage auctions, and many of his more than 400 videos are about how to pick up inventory at storage auctions and estate sales, and how and where to resell the items.


eBay’s channel features lots of videos from eBay On Location events you may have missed. Topics include how to expand your business, an introduction to eBay Stores, advanced marketing, digital photography, what you should sell on eBay and so on. If you sell on eBay, you should definitely subscribe to this channel.

Online Market Experts

We liked the ‘Two Minute Tuesdays’ series, with topics that include working with drop shippers, pricing your products and what to do when your sales are slow

A new channel that e-commerce merchant Brandon Dupsky is now subscribed to is Online Market Experts. The videos here are from a team of e-commerce experts. You’ll find videos showcasing the group’s take on the latest e-commerce news, and also some highlights from recent Professional eBay Sellers Alliance conferences.

Lawson also recommends this channel. “This one is new and fresh, and it covers e-commerce from a more international perspective, with focus on Australia,” he comments.


Another channel Lawson recommends is the Volusion channel. Volusion is a company that provides shopping-cart software, however, Lawson thinks the company’s videos offer some great tips for all e-commerce people, not just Volusion’s customers.

We liked the “Two Minute Tuesdays” series, with topics that include working with drop shippers, pricing your products and what to do when your sales are slow.

YouTube channels for business owners

The U.S. Small Business Administration has its own YouTube channel, which you should definitely check out. You’ll find videos on business planning, using the SBA’s resources, SBA loan programs both for startups and existing businesses, and how to grow your business one country at a time.

A favorite channel of ours is from Entrepreneur Magazine. We especially like how organized this channel is. You can readily find videos on topics such as innovation, how to get things done, and sales and marketing management. The emphasis is on how-to videos covering money and finance, networking, management, and many other topics. The series of 60-second solution videos includes “When to Take Legal Action Over Late-Paying Customers.”

Remember, to subscribe to any of these YouTube channels, you just need to visit the channel’s home page and click the subscribe button. Let us know if you’ve found a few great e-commerce-related channels of your own!

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