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5 More Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Achieve and exceed your goals by adopting these daily practices.

Everyone wants to know how the super-successful got to be so successful. We’re talking about those entrepreneurs who appear to have the Midas touch of turning everything into profit. Although our perception is that it comes easy to them, the truth is that successful entrepreneurs work hard for their success, and work even harder to establish habits that keep them effective, efficient, and empowered to achieve and exceed their goals.

Previously, we offered you the top five habits of successful entrepreneurs. Here are five more habits (from No. 6 to No. 10) that keep these top performers working at top levels, all the way to the top of their business ladders.

Habit No. 6: They have a clear vision of their success

Successful entrepreneurs are motivated by their vision—where they see themselves and their business in six months, 12 months, two years and beyond. Rather than letting the uncertainty of the business climate guide them, they develop a vision of their short- and long-term goals, and then set about daily to ensure all they do supports those goals.

They constantly ask themselves, “Why am I doing this?” and quickly determine if their current activity feeds into the goals that will help them realize their vision. If not, they revisit their goals and vision, and take appropriate course correction—again, on a daily basis.

Habit No. 7: They’re flexible—and fast about it

When the winds of change begin to blow, successful entrepreneurs shift their sails to put that wind at their backs

In supporting a vision and the goals to realize it, successful entrepreneurs keep an attentive finger on the pulse of their success and determine if they’re still on track. A vision is a rather abstract destination, and the goals that would help arrive at it might often need to be adjusted, or changed and replaced.

Through daily flexibility, entrepreneurs continually question what they’re doing today, and how or if it will help to reach the vision. If new discoveries or opportunities show a different path to their vision, these entrepreneurs waste no time in reassessing and recharting their path. They find no shame or uneasiness in adjusting their goals since this is the reality of the business world.

When the winds of change begin to blow, successful entrepreneurs shift their sails to put that wind at their backs and continue to traverse their way to realize their visions.

Habit No. 8: They’re inclined to take action

If ever you’ve spent time around focused and determined business owners, you’ll often hear them wonder aloud, “What else can I do today?” While they might appear obsessed with their business all hours, every day, they’re simply inclined to keep moving and keep momentum in achieving their goals.

It might appear as if these are poor souls who simply don’t know how to relax and enjoy life. For them, often, enjoyment is the pursuit of their vision, and they find “active relaxation” as they’re doing more each day to reach their goals.

They find honest-to-goodness exhilaration in their daily accomplishments, knowing they’re keeping on track to reach the Promised Land they’ve envisioned. For these reasons, successful entrepreneurs begin each day ready to crack their knuckles and get down to business.

Habit No. 9: They challenge themselves daily

Feeding into the frequent misconception over successful entrepreneurs, many exhibit a penchant to push themselves harder and expect more of themselves with each new day. They’re not obsessed; they’re driven to achieve and succeed! As the phrase goes, “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.”
Because they believe in themselves, they believe they can achieve whatever they set their sights upon

Not everyone can sustain the day-to-day effort required to push ahead toward a vision, yet successful entrepreneurs simply seem to operate in this manner, naturally. They don’t necessarily rest on yesterday’s wins. Rather, they seek to find what they can conquer today.

Not only does this apply to their accomplishments, but—more tellingly—to their own behaviors and thought processes. They seek to tap even more potential that might reside within them, working to bring out their best to achieve their goals. They might seem overt in their challenging of themselves but, again, to many, it’s a form of personal exhilaration.

Habit No. 10: They have a high sense of self-belief

At the core of most successful entrepreneurs is their sense of belief. They ardently believe in their visions, giving them motivation to pursue those to the best of their abilities. Although many realize their trek won’t be easy, their beliefs in their visions and their potential to realize it is what keeps them knocking on doors, knocking down barriers and marching ahead.

Self-doubt is unavoidable. But when framed as challenges to be met and overcome, often with need to be flexible in their approach, successful entrepreneurs rely on their belief that they can be successful. Though they can get discouraged from time to time, that is typically a signal that indicates action needs to be taken to stay the course and continue progressing forward. Because they believe in themselves, they believe they can achieve whatever they set their sights upon.

Certainly, these habits might sound lofty for many, but, in reality, they’re the sorts of beliefs and behaviors upon which many businesses were launched and driven to ongoing success. It’s not magic; it’s a mindset. These are the sorts of habits of successful entrepreneurs that are available for any to adopt and enjoy for themselves.

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