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eBay Sets Rules for iPad Mini, Wii U Gadgets

Marketplace sets limit on these listings.

Apple and Nintendo have been busy creating the new iPad Mini and Wii U, and the new gadgets may make sellers go gaga.

Just in case, eBay posted guidelines last week about who will be able to sell the highly anticipated Apple iPad Mini and lightning adapters for iPhone 5s, fifth generation iPod Touches, and Nintendo’s new Wii U, which allows users to play video games, control their TVs and stream content from the Internet.

The marketplace reports that merchants who are in compliance with eBay’s presale listings policy will be able to list the items 30 days before they are available to the public, but they won’t be able to list an unlimited amount. Nintendo- and Apple-authorized sellers will be able to list up to 25 of these items a week, Top-rated Sellers up to four items a week, and sellers who meet the minimum performance standards up to one a week.

Once the gizmos are available to the public, most people on, eBay Motors or eBay Canada will be able to sell the tech toys. But eBay will again limit how many devices merchants can post.

Authorized resellers will be allowed to sell an unlimited number of the iPad Mini, Wii U and lightening adapters, Top-rated Sellers will be able to post eight items a week, and merchants who meet the minimum performance standards will be able to list one item a week. Sellers who do not, or have not confirmed their personal information will not be able to list these products, eBay reports.

iPad Minis are expected to go on sale Friday. Wii U’s are expected to hit U.S stores on Nov. 18. and U.K. stores on Nov. 30, according to news reports. Lightning adapters are already available.

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