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Free Shipping to Be Big This Holiday Season

Nearly 90% retailers expected to offer free shipping.

Free shipping and discounts will be popular promotions this holiday season as online sellers try to sway shoppers to buy from them and not their competitors. reports that 89.7 percent of online sellers will offer free shipping, and nearly half will offer discounts, according to the results of a survey released Wednesday. The survey also finds that online stores will start their holiday promotions early.

In fact, 61.6 percent of online sellers are expected to start their Christmas promotions by Halloween, up from 52.9 percent last year, according to the survey. That may work in their favor, as shoppers note they’ll start buying early this year. An estimated 51.8 percent of shoppers report they will start Christmas shopping in the next few weeks, with more than 22 percent saying they’ll start this month.

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Of online retailers who will offer free shipping, more than 37 percent will make the offer conditional

Of online retailers who are expected offer free shipping, more than 37 percent say they’ll offer free shipping with a condition, like a minimum purchase price. About 30 percent say they’ll offer unconditional free shipping, and 23.1 percent of retailers say they offer free shipping every day, the survey finds.

More than 12 percent of online retailers are expected to offer coupons to draw in buyers, and 32.5 percent are expected to offer limited-time promotions, the survey finds.

“For retailers, there is no better time to shine than the holiday season, and it’s evident that online retailers are already planning to go the extra mile for their customers this year,” says Vicki Cantrell,’s executive director. “Consumers can expect even more of an integrated shopping experience this holiday season, with companies also looking to enhance their mobile marketing efforts to capture the attention of the millions of holiday shoppers who are already thinking about their shopping lists.”

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  • Hoosier Daddy

    No one ships for “the holiday season”, they ship for the Christmas season.

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