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Etsy Browse Pages Add Pinterest Feel

Themes replace categories for 'at a glance' shopping experience.

Etsy visitors may notice the marketplace looks a little different these days.

That’s because Etsy changed the way shoppers browse the site, making the experience theme based—not category based, like it had been—in hopes of providing a better shopping experience.

Heather Burkman, a member of Etsy’s marketing and merch team, announced the new Etsy “Browse pages” last week, noting that shoppers “rarely use” categories when they buy on the site.

Burkman says only 6 percent of visitors have viewed a category and bought a product. Because of this, Etsy replaced shopping categories with 11 themes, including Art, Home & Living, Jewelry, Vintage and Supplies that might inspire shoppers to buy on the site.

The new Etsy Browse pages are meant to give shoppers an overview of the site, and introduce buyers who don’t have specific items in mind to products they may like, adds Laura Hood, product marketing manager at Etsy.

Easier to find what they want

“We hope these changes will lead to happier buyers and more sales for all the independent, creative businesses on Etsy

Burkman reports that grouping items into themes give buyers “clear, at-a-glance” overviews of the many items they can find on Etsy.

For instance, when shoppers click on Home & Living, they’ll find large photos of different types of products that have to do with that theme, like decorative pillows, décor and housewares, lighting and storage. Then, when they click on the topics they’re interested in, they will get a selection of items available, in a very Pinterest-like fashion.

“Our goal with these updates is to provide a better shopping experience—making it easier for folks [to find what they want]… We hope these changes will lead to happier buyers and more sales for all the independent, creative businesses on Etsy,” Burkman says.

Some sellers are concerned about the new Etsy Browse pages, noting that shoppers may not find their items without the categories. However, David Bernal, an engineer at Etsy, explains that shoppers who already know what they want to buy can still use the Search box to find items.

Buyers can still also shop using categories at, adds Eli Goodman, an Etsy developer.

Etsy Browse pages build on the shopping experience Etsy developed for wedding items, months back, which was very successful, Burkman adds.

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