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Announced eBay Policies Take Effect

Fall changes include new auction fee, required photos and location info.

The October winds are bringing changes to eBay.

The marketplace reports that starting this week, several new policies take effect. Sellers who end auctions with at least one bid early will face a new fee, some listings will require at least one image and, at the end of the month, eBay will start adding city and state information to listings based on sellers’ ZIP codes.

New auction fee

The new auction fee will be equal to the amount sellers would pay in final value fees had items sold to the highest bidder if they were not ended early, eBay reports in its General Announcements. Sellers will get one free pass each calendar year if they do end an auction early. After that, they’ll pay.

“Ending auction-style listings early reduces buyer confidence in eBay and makes them less likely to purchase from Bay sellers in the future,” eBay states.

At least one image required

Also starting this week, sellers will not be able to list items through the Sell Your Item form, Turbo Lister or Blackthorne if they don’t include at least one image, eBay notes, reasoning that images could lead to more sales during the holidays. The policy applies to new, revised and relisted items.

Seller location

Lastly, starting Oct. 22, eBay will add city and state information to listings that don’t include this, based on sellers’ ZIP codes. eBay encourages merchants to review their listings and include this information themselves to ensure accurate locations, which “help build buyer confidence!” it notes.

eBay first announced these changes in its Fall 2012 Seller Update in July.

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  • eBay is undergoing way too many changes that is making a lot of sellers angry with the end result being that the sellers are moving to other markets.

    • If ebay are to make any changes they need to make changes as to deal with the none payers that are doing this repeatedly,some have been seen to be bidding on more than one item and not paying for the previous.Also sellers need to be able to see a buyers feedback as to how reliable they are as payers.The present rules dont allow the unpaid seller to leave a negative,how unfair is this when the sellers negatives are clearly seen by the buyers.

      • mean

        Ebay for seller is similar to what the casino is for players. You never get the upper hand. The website is perfect for homeowners who want to give unused stuff away. They go 50/50 with Ebay and get rid of their garbage

    • kgbkgb1968

      Yeah, other markets where their items do not sell very well, if at all.

      • zorro

        Not true…I’ve moved almost all my stuff to Amazon and they are selling well, thank you !! Plus backup from other sites and you’ve it covered. So…soon it’ll be “Goodbye eBay !!”

        • sellers choice

          Amazon is damned expensive when the margin for profit is slim. Crunch the numbers and do the math. I already had to open a shipping dispute with amazon as they dictate how much I receive for shipping…

          • Jan

            Yeah and Amazon does the same thing as ebay. One complaint and you are out. They make changes and not in favor of the seller. To get a sale, you have to sell your items for less than what you can get them for too because there’s always someone out there that will charge a lot less and usually the less is lower than wholesale. YOU ARE TOLD WHAT YOU CAN SELL AND HOW YOU HAVE TO SELL IT. I HAD TO EAT MY SHIPPING PRICES BECAUSE THEY WOULDN’T ALLOW ME TO CHARGE WHAT I WAS BEING CHARGED.

          • Craig

            Amazon is terrible. Sold 1500-2000 worth of stuff 1st 3 months. Kicked me off because one illiterate customer opened 4 claims for the same item that wasn’t even defective. Then has me send in an appeal which I spent considerable time creating and immediately turned it down, To add it insult to injury they are holding my money for 90 days even though you have to file an a-z claim with in 30 days for return items. Complete joke. If you are using or contemplate using amazon to sell just be sure its not your only channel you will be making a big mistake. Amazon is a complete joke. Ive been online since 1999 and all shipments were complete in 24 hours. Complete joke for sellers. Amazon cant even match its own defective rate for what they hold sellers accountable for!

  • newfsgotstuff

    ebay is always changing things, i wish they would stop

  • Worried!

    What if I do not want my city listed? What if a buyer has buyer remorse and wants to hunt me down to keep up on a threat for a refund if I don’t do returns – especially if the buyer has “switched” out the item with one of lesser condition? It’s just not safe!

    • Allen

      That’s why you should have gun.

  • rumar-has-it

    One day shipping does not work for combined shipping. Customers continually pay for an item then ask to combine shipping. Ebay needs to create a combined shipping button that the buyer can select and cancel the one day ship rule on that sale.

  • Very upset

    E-Bay is always making changes, but it seems to be all one sided, E-Bay is so concerned about the rights of their Buyers, but ……but if it where not for their Sellers, would E-bay be in business? On feedback, both sides should have equal rights when it comes to leaving feedback,if the feedback left is respectable and pertaining to the issue. I have over 600 items listed in my store, and the orders are almost all customized. Because I can not offer 1 day shipping I have been penalized and my 20% discount has been taken away. E-Bay is making allot of money on me……where is the justice. Do they even care for the Seller.

    • Mike

      same here – we ship live plants that have to go through inspection by the USDA, and they only come out once a week – therefore we can only ship once a week. After Christmas we are closing our eBay storefront and staying only on Amazon.

    • kahunakea

      I agree. Feedback is supposed to be and should be a “Two Way Street.” Perhaps I am too conservative. I was taught, early in life, if I couldn’t say something good about one, then don’t say anything. Buyer’s can leave negative feedback with a positive slant, if so desired, by word choice or verbiage, but communication between buyer and seller is of paramount importance. Customer: “Shipment was very slow.” Seller, did you let said customer know you had, for example, been in minor car accident, and apologize for any inconvenience? Etc…

  • zorro

    Waaayyyyy too many changes. You’ve not even finished fixing your listings when they slap you with another round of changes. This is getting tiresome !!!

  • 1939noel

    One point may have been missed – why are they advertising on TV – it costs money and lots of it – With all these regular changed they are making, I reckon they are in trouble. Of course they will deny this.

    • Jan

      They might be advertising because the word going around is that WalMart, Target, Sears, etc are planning on advertising that they will match or sell for less any item a buyer sees online. This is getting so costly. USPS is also planning on getting a raise on shipping in January.

  • jerry mcbee

    I just had a buyer tell Ebay I sent him a bag of rocks instead of the six case knives I sent. Regardless of my stellar feedback at selling knives, Ebay took his position, took the money from my paypal

  • Allen

    Ebay is like the government, ever increasing costs, expanding regulations and squeezing “out of existence every bit of success” in what was a good idea and business model. To many lawyers with one hand on their *** and one in till. They are on the path to self destruction and no they are not to big to fail. Just need a viable challenger.

  • Meantime

    Ebay is poised to termination. They have been working hard at killing themselves.

  • Hoosier Daddy

    I suspect that eBay is like a government bureaucracy. They have too many “managers” who need to justify their jobs. So theykeep coming up with new regulations, new rules, changed rules, etc. Then, at the end of the year, they can ask for a good evaluation based upon all the “work” they did in the year.

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