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Top Halloween Costumes: Witch, Princess and Pumpkin

Shoppers to spend nearly $3 billion on costumes this year.

Witches, vampires, pirates, superheroes and princesses will float through the streets on All Hallows’ Eve this year. The National Retail Federation reports that these will be among the top Halloween costumes for the night of tricks and treats.

The top Halloween costumes among adults will be witches, vampires, pirates and Batman characters. Children will opt for being princesses, superheroes including Batman and Spiderman, and witches, while man’s best friends will be decked out as pumpkins, devils, hot dogs and cats.

In all, shoppers are expected to spend $2.87 billion on Halloween costumes, with $1.1 billion going toward children’s garbs, $1.4 billion toward adults’ ghoulish getups and $370 million toward pet apparel.

NRF: Top Halloween Costumes (Infographic)

“Choosing a costume is one of the most entertaining parts of Halloween,” says Matthew Shay, president and CEO of NRF. “With many families on the hunt for adult, child and pet costumes this year, retailers are making sure they’ve got their shelves fully stocked with a wide variety of costumes, including the traditional and even the not-so-traditional garb inspired by Hollywood and even pop-culture.”

The upcoming presidential elections make some experts think we’ll see a lot of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney look-alikes, and athletes with the recent Olympics.

In all, Halloween spending is expected to reach $8 billion this year, with the average person spending $79.82, NRF reports.

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