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eBay Unresponsive to VeRO Infringement Claims

Hello Online Seller,

I am an eBay member and a VeRO member, and have a VeRO account and intellectual property designs.

In 2011, I had no problems getting the VeRO team to take down listings that infringed on my intellectual property. But, this year, I must have sent in 20 to 30 notices of claimed infringement, and they are not acting on them to benefit me and my designs. They don’t even contact me.

Who would know the answer to this problem, and what must I do to stop infringements?

I was given a VeRO account in 2009 that doesn’t work for me [anymore]. The notices of infringement don’t work, and I can’t get rid of listings which infringe my products.

What’s wrong with the VeRO? Are they breaking any rules, I wonder?

Fed Up

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