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Etsy Sales Reach Record High

August proves to be the site's hottest sales month ever.

While changes to Etsy’s search function left some sellers feeling out in the cold, Etsy’s sales total for August was the hottest on record for the trendy marketplace.

Etsy reports that August gross merchandise volume was $76.2 million, after refunds and cancellations. That was a 9.7-percent increase from GMV in July—itself a record-setting month—and a 40-percent increase from August 2011.

The number of items sold increased by 12.4 percent to 3.8 million, keeping the average selling price at around $20, where it has hovered since June 2011.

Etsy, as a whole, may have had a scorching August, but Etsy sellers were hot and cold on their own results.

“August was really good for me and was my best month ever, but September has already beaten it!” notes one seller, commenting on the Etsy blog.

“July and August were about the same, slowly going down,” reports another seller, whose sentiment was echoed by other thread posters. “Have to look to new venues in which to sell, if this keeps up… Not everyone is a winner with the search engine changes.”

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