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eBay Apps Hit 100M Downloads

$10 billion in mobile transactions expected this year, eBay says.

Consumers love eBay apps. In fact, they’ve download eBay apps 100 million times, the marketplace announced on Monday.

In the past six months alone, smartphone and tablet users have downloaded eBay’s five mobile apps 25 million times. Both buyers and sellers are using the apps. eBay reports that the number of listings added to the marketplace via a mobile device has almost doubled in six months.

In December, 1.1 million listings were created on a mobile device. In July, that number jumped to 1.9 million, with an estimated $275 spent on eBay via a mobile device every second, eBay reports. Overall, officials expect eBay to transact $10 billion in mobile volume, double the amount it did last year.

eBay Puts Mobile First

Steve Yankovich, vice president of eBay Mobile, says the company is taking a “mobile-first approach” to buying and selling, building on the four years it has been creating mobile apps. The first eBay app launched in September 2008.

“[We’re] making our experience more personalized and relevant to the customer,” he explains. “People want to shop how they want, when they want, and we succeed by making it easy for them to connect to the products and services they care about. At the same time, by making listing products intuitive and quick on mobile, we are empowering sellers to effectively compete in today’s rapidly changing world.”

eBay apps are available in eight languages in more than 190 countries.

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