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Royal Mail Beats Delivery Goals

Research finds more items are being delivered when expected.

Royal Mail outdid itself. The mail carrier reports that during the months of April through June, it delivered more packages than expected within the time frame it wanted.

Royal Mail says it delivered 98.6 percent of its Second Class Mail three business days after items were shipped, beating its goal of 98.5 percent. For Standard Retail Parcels, 97.1 percent of packages were delivered within three business days, surpassing Royal Mail’s 90-percent goal.

Only First Class failed to surpass delivery objectives—but only by a hair. Royal Mail notes that it delivered 92.9 percent of those shipments in one business day, just shy of its 93 percent goal. First Class items had the best delivery figures in Perth, Scotland, according to news reports.

Officials say better technology and equipment have helped the mail carrier reach its goals.

Tony Baxter, director of Royal Mail delivery, says the company is “extremely pleased” with its delivery achievements.

The results came from researcher TNS, which based its findings on more than 133,000 letters and packages that were mailed to more than 5,700 addresses in the U.K., according to news reports. Royal Mail is estimated to handle more than 4.5 million First Class items every day.

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