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Bonanza to Help Sellers List on Google, eBay

New platform will debut in next few days, official says.

Bonanza sellers will soon have the option of advertising their items on Google Shopping and/or listing them eBay.

Bill Harding, the company’s founder, announced the marketplace will launch an advertising platform in the coming days that will allow merchants to specify if they want Bonanza to also list their items on eBay, advertise them on Google Shopping, or both. Sellers will just have to specify a maximum commission they are willing to pay Bonanza for the added exposure.

The minimum commission sellers need to specify in order to get more exposure is 5 percent. The maximum is 17 percent, according to a mock of the new platform published on Bonanza’s blog.

However, sellers can specify that they only want their items to appear on Bonanza for the regular 3.5-percent fee they currently pay to list items on the marketplace.

Still, Harding notes that with Google Shopping and Bing Shopping moving to paid models, the amount of traffic sellers who don’t purchase additional advertising get could be limited to organic search engines and direct Bonanza traffic.

“This means that it can take a while for you to find the right buyers, if you haven’t built up your stable of repeat customers,” he adds.

“As in AdWords, you tell us the maximum bid you’ll make, and we charge less [for advertising] if we can”

The details

Mark Dorsey, the site’s co-founder, adds that sellers who want to list their items on eBay through the new platform must have an active eBay account and that their items will be listing in that account.

Harding adds that when an item sells on eBay, merchants will pay eBay final value fees, plus a 1.5-percent commission to Bonanza. “However, when posting the item to eBay we can automatically adjust the price to compensate for that 1.5 percent,” he explains.

Harding says Bonanza’s advertising will be set up like an early version of Google AdWords.

“As in AdWords, you tell us the maximum bid you’ll make, and we charge less [for advertising] if we can,” he continues.

Harding notes that sellers who have higher sell-throughs should be able to buy advertising without paying the entire commission rate.

“Our target is to have your actual commission average something in the neighborhood of 50 percent to 75 percent of your maximum commission,” he writes.

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  • Well here we go again. I just put my products into Bonanza because I’m tired of the high fees that Ebay charges. On a Nintendo Wii bundle I make $1.32 after ebay and paypal take their high fees out. Now Bonanza wants to do the same. No Way. I can’t afford it. Right now on tax day, my profit is ZERO. I have to take a lose every year because of ebay’s fees because the buyers do not want to pay more for the products and they don’t either. And all that garbadge to get more customers to use sellers is a bunch of CR..
    The only way to get someone to buy is for you to have the lowest price and that usually means us sellers come out with nothing in our pockets. I’ve also had to leave google adwords because I was spending over $200 a month and that lastest about a week because they want you to pay more than that to get higher page views. I tried it once and it broke me and I never got a sale. If Bonanza is going to start acting like ebay, amazon and google, I’ll just have to remove my products and stay with the auction houses that charge a flat fee of $8 a month or even a few free houses. At least if I get a sale I can keep the money I make and I can give my customers a price that they will love.
    These companies are a bunch of idiots!!!!!

    • I agree with you 100%. What auction houses do you use?

    • Jean T

      Yes Jan, I’m totally agreeing with you as well. Be patient and keep your prices at a good level for you to get some kind of profit or raise shipping. What other auction houses would you suggest?

    • mymommasaid

      The difference is that Bonanza gives you a choice. You choose what works best for you. Bonanza does not charge you until you sell an item and even then you can choose which option works best for you which will dictate the amount you are charged. It’s a win-win, unlike the experience you are referring to.

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