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eBay, Verisk Partners in Crime Analytics

Companies will share data to fight retail crime, fraud and theft.

eBay is teaming with a provider of risk assessment solutions to fight retail crime, counterfeiting and online fraud.

Verisk Crime Analytics announced eBay’s partnership with its Law Enforcement Retail Partnership Network on Tuesday. It reports that the two companies will work on developing ways to share and use data to provide retailers and police with “crime fighting analytics.”

Each company will have staff working on these, but no details were given about what analytics will focus on.

David Duhaime, vice president of Verisk Crime Analytics, says he’s excited about eBay’s collaboration. Paul Jones, senior director of Global Asset Protection at eBay, says his company is happy to help fight retail crime.

“As the world’s largest online marketplace, eBay is committed to working with retailers to prevent loss… Teaming up with [Verisk] is a key strategy component to illuminate and combat organized retail crime, fraud and theft,” he adds. “We’re excited to see this new relationship bring powerful and actionable data to retailers that will help them protect their bottom line.”

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  • Well, it certainly would be nice if eBay would show me some support after I got scammed out of nearly 8000.00 by a company claiming to have a warehouse of TOMS shoes to sell. I sold 230 pairs and the supplier only shipped 30, many of which were the wrong orders. I’ve tried to get eBay to help protect other sellers from this type of scam, but all they do is send me complaints and tell me to reimburse the buyers. I would love to work with them to reimburse the buyers, but the distributor made off with 6100.00, I used all of my savings to reimburse as many people as I could and eBay had the nerve to charge me FVF of 10%, not 9%. I’m actually getting hate messages from buyers and threatening phone calls, but CS just says we’ll look into it. Lisa

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