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Etsy Marketplace is Strong, CEO Says

2012 sales to date set to surpass last year's total.

Merchants are selling on Etsy—and the site is outdoing itself.

That’s what the company’s CEO Chad Dickerson reports on the Etsy News Blog. He says Etsy sales, year to date, surpassed $500 million last week—just $25 million shy of its total sales last year. The marketplace reported sales of $525 million in 2011.

Dickerson adds that more sellers made sales in July than in any other month in the site’s history, excluding December 2011. The Etsy community is also growing. It now boasts 800,000 active sellers and more than 40 million visitors every month.

“The marketplace is healthy and strong,” he writes.

Stays connected to sellers

However, sellers don’t have to worry about Etsy losing touch with its customers as it grows, Dickerson adds. “People are at the center of Etsy and always will be,” he continues.

He says he asks himself two questions when making decisions regarding the marketplace: What decision will benefit the most merchants selling on Etsy in the long run, and will the decision be the right choice for the community and marketplace’s long-term health?

He adds that he stays in tune with the needs of those selling on Etsy by having weekly one-on-one conversation with sellers, being available on Twitter, answering emails from customers and taking rotations in customer support.

“One-on-one [communication] with sellers is one element that makes Etsy really special, and I’m committed to always keeping that channel open, even if I am not able to personally respond to every message as the community continues to grow,” he writes.

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