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eBay to Introduce Global Shipping Program

Program will become default for international orders.

eBay is said to be preparing for the September launch of a new program that is meant to simplify international shipping.

EcommerceBytes reports that eBay will start its new Global Shipping Program next month, partnering with Pitney Bowes, a provider of customer communications technologies. Through the new shipping program, U.S. sellers who ship internationally will be able to handle the shipping process within the States, and leave the overseas delivery details to Pitney Bowes, according to the report.

This includes estimating costs, dealing with customs, providing insurance and making sure items make it to customers. However, “sellers opting into the Global Shipping Program have no control over the shipping service or cost of the international leg,” EcommerceBytes reports.

Buyers will see the cost of shipping in one lump sum, plus an import charge Pitney Bowes will set. All of these fees are paid during checkout so there won’t be surprise tariffs when shoppers get their items, the site states.

The news site adds that items delivered through the Global Shipping Program must be paid for with PayPal and can’t exceed a value of $2,500, noting that sellers will be responsible for shipments during the domestic portion of delivery. That responsibility will end when packages reach international shipping providers.

The program will eventually become the default international shipping option for all sellers, according to EcommerceBytes.

Mixed reaction

News of the new program made some sellers unhappy.

“I have to say that really ruined my morning,” writes my_things_for_u in an eBay seller forum. “As usual, eBay is launching it just in time for the holiday season—what a nightmare this looks like. Seems like shipping for [international] buyers will cost a lot more (at least much more than FCI) and who knows how long delivery time will be?”

Rebecca Miller, an eBay seller of more than 13 years, says she’s not sure how to feel about the Global Shipping Program.

“I kind of want to sit back and see how well it works before I try it,” she says. “I might let other sellers dip their toes in the water first to see what they think before I give it a shot.”

eBay has yet to announce the Global Shipping Program. Sellers will reportedly be asked to opt in via emails and on-site prompts on eBay’s U.S. site.

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  • leolizzie

    This sounds like an absolute nightmare, you either ship internationally at the best postage price available, or have that postage price dictated by a third party!!! As I am based in the UK, I chose what I but from the USA based not only on the price of the item, but also on the price of the shipping too, and lets leave customs stuff to the seller and the respective customs of the countries that the items are shipped to!!!

    I am guessing that ebay will get a cut in all transactions using this method too!! :o(

  • tracy

    does this not mean since ebay will get nore money from us in fees since they not to long ago starting putting fees on total auction including shipping….Seems like just another way for a greedy company who seems to have a monipoly on. obline. to take us to the cleaners

  • rl1856

    Less control for sellers, more revenue for EBay. What else is new? Only question I have, is participation mandatory?

  • Neville

    …and how does eBay plan on protecting its sellers from negative and neutral feedback that is accompanied by one and two star DSRs for Shipping time and Shipping and handling charges when the Global Shipping Program becomes the default shipping option?

  • Joe Richards

    I do a lot of international selling and have mixed views. In a way it’s my niche, because many sellers avoid it… so that’s in danger. Actually today, though, I received an email from a customer upset because he was charged duty and VAT. International shipping is messy–I’ve been doing it for 3 years. I just hope Ebay still allows a full range of shipping service classes that don’t have tracking, i.e. first class international, as it is much cheaper than priority mail. In general I applaud Ebay for taking the initiative to reach more customers and (hopefully) simplify international shipping. Knowing Ebay, though, it probably will screw sellers first, and like a year later they’ll make adjustments.

  • Joe Richards

    Interesting enough, there is info about the on Ebay help for buyers, but nothing for sellers. Checked my Ebay seller updates: nothing. Big surprise.

  • Tony Lam

    I just opted in the eBay global shipping program and add the new option to two items. I will monitor if it helps to sell more internationally.

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