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Etsy Lets Clothing Sellers Test Listing Variations

Marketplace may expand feature to other categories.

Clothing sellers on Etsy can now opt in to add a listing feature that will let shoppers specify what color and size they want to buy.

Tim Holley, a product manager at Etsy, announced on Tuesday that the site is opening its Listing Variations Prototype to all clothing sellers for testing. Etsy tested the feature with a small group of T-shirts, hoodies and tank tops.

In order to add the feature to their listings, sellers must sign up for the test.

“Listing Variations should ensure that buyers provide you with size and/or color information when adding an item to their cart and reduce unnecessary [conversations] about item specifics,” Holley explains.

He says both sellers and buyers will be able to see the size and color details on the Sold Orders and Purchases pages, as well as on invoices and receipts, and in order and transaction emails. However, Etsy recommends that when sellers sign up to test the feature, they leave size and color information in their listings, descriptions and tags since the feature is still in testing.

Holley reports that Etsy is exploring the idea of adding the variations feature to other categories, and sellers are excited about that possibility.

“My partner and I have long wished for a drop-down menu for clients to select stones, initials and chain lengths,” writes Darrah of BriguysGirls, a shop specializing in jewelry. “Oh, my stars, this would be amazing.”

“Good luck, clothing shops,” adds Lori Lee of Twistmo. “Test it well, so the rest of us can get it, too.”

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