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Amazon UK Offers Local Pick Up, Drop Off

Teams with Collect+ to offer service in 4,500 shops.

Amazon U.K. is now allowing buyers to pick up their orders at local shops instead of having them delivered to their homes.

The retailer is working with Collect+, a parcel-delivery service, to allow buyers and sellers to pick up and drop off items in about 4,500 U.K. locations, including corner shops and newsstands. According to news reports, shoppers can also use Collect+ to return items they buy from the retailer.

Collect+ has about 20 participating locations just in London, and works with eBay U.K and more than 30 other brands offering the same service.

Amazon is offering the service for small items like books and clothes, but may offer it for other items in the future, according to news reports.

Experts say buyers may like the convenience of being able to pick up items when they want instead of having products shipped to their homes. However, “traditional” retailers, who already have concerns about Amazon’s growing popularity, may not like the move.

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  • Martin

    Hi, are your numbers correct? 4,500 locations in the UK, but only 20 of those are in London?

  • theonlineseller

    Hello Martin – yes, 20 sites in London, according to Collect+ location finder. Thanks for your comment!

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