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Why Does eBay Restrict Listing of Designer Items?

I don’t understand why eBay would restrict a seller from listing designer items, when that is the only thing the seller lists, and [the seller] has 100-percent feedback on these sales.

It makes no sense to do this, since it prevents both eBay and the seller from making any money.


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    I believe this eBay policy is there to help restrict the amount of fake and counterfeit goods that get listed there. By default all sellers will have that restriction in place on their account. If you read the criteria for having this lifted and feel you qualify, apply to eBay to have it lifted. They will look at your past sales involving designer brands and will lift that restriction if they see that you have many happy customers who have purchased those kind of items. 

    However, if your account is littered with accusations of selling ‘counterfeit goods’ it’s not likely that eBay will lift that restriction.

    This is exactly what happened to me. I found I was selling more and more genuine used designer brands (and everyone who had purchased them was very happy with their item) and soon hit the listing restriction eBay has in place. I just applied to have it lifted and in a day or so it was lifted.

    I’ve continued selling those designer brands and everyone’s been happy with their item.

    I suggest you have a read through eBay’s procedure for having the restriction lifted.

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