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eBay UK Unveils Fall Seller Update

Changes expand duplicate listing policy, help with 'unreasonable buyers.' wasn’t the only eBay site to introduce changes this week. has also announced its Autumn 2012 Seller Update.

Among the changes announced for eBay U.K., auctions with the Buy It Now option will now qualify as duplicate listings, sellers will have an easier way to report “unreasonable” buyers and the Featured First listing enhancement will be retired.

“We’re focusing on how we can help you to maximize your eBay sales during the busiest retail sales period ahead,” eBay U.K. tells sellers in its announcement.

Duplicate listings, unique identifiers

The marketplace reports that beginning the week of Sept. 3, the duplicate listings policy will apply to auctions with the Buy It Now option, a change that is meant to make it easier for buyers to find what they want.

“Fewer duplicates mean more sales for more sellers,” eBay notes.

It explains that in 2011 eBay reduced the number of duplicate listings by applying the policy to fixed-price items and this resulted in an increase in sales across European eBay sites.

eBay also tells merchants that, since Google requires product identifiers for items to appear in Google Product Search, it encourages them to add these to books, media, clothing, shoes, accessories and other items.

While identifiers are not required, “not providing these identifiers means your items won’t show up in Google Product Search results—causing you to miss out on sales opportunities,” eBay says.

Seller protections

eBay will review reports filed on buyers and add any additional information it may have to investigate patterns of ‘unreasonable’ behavior

One change that is likely to make sellers happy is new seller protections. These will start in October and make it easier to report “unreasonable buyer behavior.” eBay says it will review reports filed on unreasonable buyers and add any additional information it may have to investigate if the shopper has a “pattern of unreasonable behavior,” and if eBay should take action against the buyer.

Merchants can report buyers for making unreasonable demands, leaving inappropriate feedback, abusing the Buyer Protection process, not paying, or other issues, eBay notes. Officials say reports will be processed in a week and sellers can report buyers up to 90 days after a sale.

Other changes

eBay also reports that a new law requires tire listings for wheels made on July 1 or later to display tire performance in the listing. So as of November, eBay will require tires made in or after July to contain this information.

eBay adds that it will also highlight listings that offer free shipping and have an estimated delivery date of three days or less with a Fast and Free icon, and that Featured First, a listing enhancement that allows listings to get better placement in search results, will be retired.

Read complete details on eBay U.K.’s 2012 Autumn Seller Update.

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  • Fedupwithitall

    Have soooo had enough of eBay’s tinkering. I almost never use it to buy any more as it has gotten too difficult to find what you want and am slowly withdrawing from selling with the aim of closing my eBay store by April 2013. Businesses are no longer in control of their own selling practices. The fees have risen so much that I have been forced to raise prices and can no longer accept offers on items that I would have been happy to in the past. How is this a “better buying experience”?? EBay’s seller policies are ridiculous and they have us over a barrell. I’ve not read anything in the latest updates that gives me any hope for improvements for my business. Every update really only serves one purpose – to put more money in eBay’s pockets which invariably means a great deal less in the pockets of buyers and sellers alike!

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