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Avoiding Negative eBay Feedback

It's not easy to stay 100% positive, but here are some proven tactics that can help.

eBay, in a sense, created feedback. It was the first shopping platform that asked its users to leave comments about their transactions.

Did you know that, in the very beginning, eBay feedback was not even transaction-based? You could leave anyone feedback, at any time, for any reason. Back then, you could ask for—and even pay for—feedback.

For an interesting read about the beginnings of eBay, check out a book called The Perfect Store: Inside eBay, by Adam Cohen.

The evolution of eBay feedback

Many remember the days of the eBay Café when folks would post their favorite pictures and, if you liked them, the correct way to show appreciation was to leave the person a positive feedback. And for the very newest eBay sellers, you may not even remember the days when feedback was a two-way street. If your buyers didn’t pay, or even made you angry, you could leave them a negative, just like buyers can leave negatives for sellers today.

Feedback, as you can see, has been evolving throughout the 17-year history of eBay. Based on hints we’ve been hearing on eBay Radio, I predict further changes this year!

On eBay, it is very rare for a good seller to be much below 97-percent positive feedback rating. In fact, even 97 percent is considered borderline. You must maintain a 98-percent score just to qualify for the PowerSeller designation on eBay.

Maintaining a good feedback rating should be a priority for all eBay sellers, but it can’t be your main priority or a place to spend too much time. To show how obsessive some eBayers can be about feedback, there is actually a tool where you can put in a user ID and turn up only their negative and neutral feedback. Check out Toolhaus for that.

As I said in my last article, Avoiding Negative Feedback on Amazon, the best way to deal with negative feedback is to avoid it, so let’s talk about some best practices for eBay sellers that will directly tie into lowering that percentage of negative ratings and comments.

Exceeding expectations is what it is all about. Ratings, after all, are subjective. They are meant to reflect buyers’ perceptions of their transactions

Start with your inventory

Interestingly enough, my first suggestion is to sell higher-end, more expensive items. It’s the truth. Virtually every seller I talk to affirms this. The lower-end, cheaper items seem to draw the, shall we say, “picky” buyers more than the other end of the spectrum.

The next place to focus is in your grading of inventory. On eBay, you are now allowed up to 12 pictures for each listing without any extra cost. Use them. If the item is new with tags, show the tags.

If it is new without tags, make sure you show all the details that prove its condition. Especially with any pre-owned items, you really must show every detail. If there is a hanging thread, or an area of wear, use one of your photos to show that. The idea with both grading and your inventory pictures is about exceeding your customers’ expectations.

When they get that package, make sure they can honestly say, “Wow, this is better than I expected!” If you can evoke that reaction in your customers, you have nothing to worry about with eBay feedback.

Why do I recommend this? Because exceeding expectations is what it is all about. Ratings, after all, are subjective. They are meant to reflect buyers’ perceptions of their transactions. You have only to discuss a feedback comment you feel was unfair with an eBay staffer. He or she will eventually get around to telling you that feedback is neither fair nor unfair; it is simply the buyer’s perception.

Dealing with a negative

But even if you follow all my recommendations above, if you sell for longer than a few months on eBay, you will, at some point, receive a negative feedback.

Now what? Is all hope of maintaining your perfect rating gone? No! You can’t remove a customer’s feedback, but eBay or the customer can.

The first place to go with a negative feedback on eBay is to contact the customer. I highly recommend that all these “conversation” emails be carried out through the eBay messaging system. If the conversation gets heated on the buyer’s side (you should never be anything but pleasant and positive in your responses) then you will have the record where eBay can access it.

If comments are made about being willing to change or remove the feedback in exchange for “consideration,” that can be construed to be feedback extortion, and you’ll need that proof where eBay can easily see it, also.

How to approach the customer? Just like I recommended in my earlier article about feedback on Amazon, I say, grovel! Apologize for the situation.

Even if you don’t think you did anything wrong, you can still apologize for their disappointment. Then ask what your buyer would like you to do to correct the situation. It is sometimes effective to offer a couple of options, such as: return for a 100-percent refund, or please keep the item and accept a 10-percent discount coupon on future purchases, or even keep the item and I am refunding your money also.

In my transactions, if I am at fault in any way, I refund even before I send the email.

If the customer has become abusive in any way, I cut off communication and go through eBay

Only after the customer is satisfied can you approach him or her and ask for feedback removal. Again, just as I recommended before, make it easy for them. Include a link and instructions in the email as well as your thank you for their consideration. Here is a link to the eBay page for this.

When to go to eBay

I don’t recommend contacting the customer under certain circumstances. For example, if the customer has become abusive in any way, I cut off communication and go through eBay. While the rules are very narrow, there are some instances where eBay will remove feedback. With the newest revisions to the eBay feedback rules, some will be automatically removed and some blocked.

If you file an unpaid item dispute (UPI) then the ability of the buyer to leave feedback is blocked. And if you sell an item cross border and the feedback mentions customs fees in any way, that feedback should be automatically removed. Sellers have enthusiastically welcomed these newest Seller Protection Rules.

The other rules from eBay about removing feedback are found on the eBay site and include such things as using a name or phone number, using inappropriate language and member suspension.

‘Don’t take it personally’

In summary, let me remind you of what I said at the beginning: Maintaining a good feedback record should be a priority for your business, but not the top priority. Always focus on the tasks closest to the money first and don’t obsess over your feedback.

Here is a great quote from longtime eBay seller Danni Ackerman of The Danni App:

“Negs and neutrals are a part of doing business. If you are selling, you are bound to get one. The biggest thing I learned was: Don’t take it personally! Don’t let it suck all the good energy from you and steal your motivation. Reply in a professional manner for other potential buyers to see and forget about it!”

About the author

Kat Simpson
Respected as a trusted e-commerce speaker, educator and entrepreneur, Kat Simpson has been a successful e-commerce merchant for more than 10 years. Simpson is an eBay education specialist and Silver PowerSeller, who also maintains stores on Addoway, Bonanza, and iOffer. She is the co-host of the popular weekly e-commerce podcast, eCom Connections. Connect with Simpson on Twitter and Facebook. Opinions expressed here may not be shared by The Online Seller and/or its principals.

  • Mark Thomas

    ‘The next place to focus is in your grading of inventory. On eBay, you are now allowed up to 12 pictures for each listing without any extra cost. Use them. If the item is new with tags, show the tags’.eBay Customer Support say that the 12 free pictures mentioned for eBay listings only relates to 3 categories – Clothes, Shoes and Accessories, and Home and Garden.

    • Frances Simmons

      Other listing tools, e.g. Auctiva, allow you to post multiple pictures for other categories – very useful for showing condition of the article

    • Mark – that was before July 2nd – If the rep told you that afterward, they were misinformed. I’m sorry you got bad information.

  • Autographs

    I filed an unpaid dispute after a buyer didn’t pay for 8 days, it was turned in automatically, then he left a negative for not contacting him first…sometimes you just cant win.

    • Autographs, if this was after the policy change about no feedback after UPI – I would contact eBay and try to get it removed. The system, as pointed out above, is not perfect ūüôā

  • Jill Westin

    One thing that I started doing over a year ago is sending the customer a handwritten note with their purchase.  Yes it takes a few extra minutes.  But, in that note I thank them for their purchase, and tell them if they have any questions or concerns to please contact me.  I want them to be happy with their purchase.  

    So far, so good.  I did have one unhappy customer, but she contacted me before leaving feedback.  In the end she gave me a lower mark on the item being as described, but overall she left me positive feedback.
    I get alot of positive comments about my note in my feedback. ¬†Overall, I think it’s worth it to take that extra time.

    • Jill, I think that is a wonderful idea. It does help to remind the customer there is a real person on the other end of the transaction!

    • CrazySuperSellRStore

      Now, this IS an EXCELLENT¬†example of what it takes to be a “GOOD” merchant, business IS NOT for lazy people who just want to take the money and run, maybe that’s why so many have negative and really bad experiences. It takes hard word and a lot of effort to do the right thing, laziness is the path of leat resistance AND NO ONE WINS THAT WAY… So, “If” YOU want to be a “Winner” be a wise stewart and take command of your time, your business AND you too WILL reap GOOD RESULTS! This person is to be commended for a job “Veey Well” done!!! Thanks for being a good example for us all! THE LORD Bless You All The Days Of Your Life, REALLY GOOD! AMEN!!!

  • Dashlang

    Good article. It is encouraging to know that others have received undeserved negative feedback. It apalls me that buyers believe they can buy something, look at it, decide they don’t like it, demand a return on an auction site. When I am overly disappointed with my purchase, I list it for sell.

    • Dashlang, that is what I do with some purchases also. It does feel better to know you aren’t alone – I’m glad it helped a little bit.

    • CrazySuperSellRStore

      Ah rite, so u can disappoint someone with it, how does THAT seem right??? DO the RIGHT thing BECAUSE IT’S THE RIGHT THING 2DO! RIGHT!!! Not try to screw someone else with an inferior product or bad item, there IS a reall good chance if YOU DI NOT LIKE IT, OTHER WILL NOT EITHER!!! The WHOLE WOLRD IS GOING LOONEY!!! And this IS a fact… What YOU¬†sow u WILL REAP!!!

  • rozain chitty

    The only issue is that ebay has not developed a system where a dishonest buyer who purchases an item and returns it destroyed, is not given a refund of their money. They may also leave neg fb….One buyer had neg feedback on a sale transaction which shows she clearly lied to the buyer. When she turned buyer and bought my product, I had this sick feeling that things could be better…

    • Sandi_starlite

      ¬†I am a powerseller in Australia, I recently had a customer in the UK returned the item 5 months later, used and abused, and did a chargeback through her credit card and got every cent, including shipping costs back, plus I got charged $15 for Paypal to “fight” the case, which they clearly didnt do… and it was the most expensive item ive ever made and sold ( I make jewellery for Weddings)¬†
      even though she left positive feedback for me, that was no proof to paypal that she had been happy with the item, had no use for it and probably ran her credit card bill up too high for her wedding and I had to suffer

  • jm

    Toolhaus is blocked.
    And as I read it, Ebay will remove negative feedback about customs if it’s the ONLY basis mentioned for the negative.

  • stuckwithebay

    Feedback is very important for sellers. However, if Ebay is going to continue to use the feedback as part of our DSR and Top-Rated Seller status– they need to add some integrity to this highly unfair and irrational system. I went 2 years before I received my first negative feedback recently. The gentle had not read the listing or reviewed the photos to see that a battery was not included in the item. He emailed me twice, and both times I kindly told him there was no battery included and to please review the listing. I also told him he could return the item. The second email, he told me to give him the battery or he would “leave me negative feedback and contact Ebay and PayPal.” I took this email and reported him to Ebay for inappropriate threatening of negative feedback. Not only did they not do anything, or contact me, they let the person leave me nasty negative feedback. He also emailed me 2 more times saying he didn’t threaten and to give him the battery. Oddly enough, I had another ridiculous situation a couple of days later for my 2nd negative feedback. The woman didn’t like the perfume she chose and purchased because “it makes me smell like some all women.” Ebay continues to abuse sellers through a feedback system that lacks integrity. They are unwilling to monitor for appropriateness, or even common sense. Until this monopoly has legitimate competition, or the Justice Department reviews their tactics, sellers will continue to be second class citizens. Groveling to every disgruntled customer and giving their money back for no apparent reason to protect this dumb feedback system.

  • Guest

    Giving buyers a discount and letting them keep the item is what is causing so many problem buyers. Once buyers figure out that all they have to do is complain to the seller and they will get a partial refund, it becomes a habit.
    I would rather have the negative or neutral feedback and stand my ground. No partial refunds.

  • Magoosplace

    Alot of these buyers are “NUTS” There is no reasoning with most of them. It is so much fun to leave a negative for stupid things!! Shipping costs are the biggest problem. Buyers have NO CLUE what it actually costs to ship. Ohio to California…”It should not cost more than $2.00″ Really?? The feedback stars are a total and complete JOKE!!

  • Brandon

    Mark I list in several categories and get 12 free pics each time.

  • Andrew

    Kat: Thank you for the good stuff in this email. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with low DSR ratings? With the narrow requirements and cost of not being a Top Seller, getting any 1 or 2 stars can really hurt small to medium volume sellers.

    • Andrew – the DSR rankings are even more important than the actual feedback comments, IME. The same basic ideas should help protect your DSRs and I highly recommend using all the methods eBay offers to allow you to get automatic 5 Stars. Now, that is 3 out of the 4 areas.

  • Crookedtoez

    guess what! I had a buyer overseas somehow bid on an item despite that I had set it up so I only sold to us buyers. they refused to pay. i filed an unpaid item dispute. they were still allowed to leave negative feedback and it took approximately 2 weeks to remove it. the system is not perfect. 

    • The system is far from perfect ūüôā ¬†But I am glad you were able to get it removed

  • Crookedtoez

    Any buyer can simply say they did not receive the item……the old “box arrived empty” ¬†scam and there is nothing the seller can do. ebay seems to automatically side with the seller. also I had some problems with my local post office. they lost 3 packages of mine. I had to eat the cost of the shipping, the item and the refund to the buyer. All because the tracking # showed the packages were in “limbo” that doesn’t strike me as fair.

    • Crookedtoez I know of several instances where the seller did not lose out on these type of claims. If you have DC on the packages and it shows as delivered, open a case with eBay and ask for the Seller Protection to cover your loss.

  • CGSC

    Ebay’s feedback policies so favor the buyer and the they know it. Even thought the item the buyer purchased from me was not damaged in shipping, the box it came in was, I have her a full refund including shipping. She still slammed me with back feedback. If a seller gives more than a full refund,¬† the buyer should not be able to leave negative feedback. She also retaliated by leaving me low DSR rating. Because of that and a new Ebayer who said it took to long to receive her item (it took the postal service 5 days to deliver, out of my control) I am below standard and and Ebay/Paypal is holding my payment for two weeks until the sale item is received plus 3 days. The amount they are holding is currently over $3900. Am I supposed to tell my mortgage company that I can’t get my money from Paypal because I received 1 and 2 stars. (Over 900 feedbacks over the last year, I have received 6, ones and twos on shipping time. But if you look at my feedback, many comment on fast the shipping was.) Bottom line is the feedback and rating system is effecting more than just my desire to be a good seller. It is effecting me economically. Because of this bad economy, this is my only source of income. Ebay used to be a friendly marketplace for small sellers who sell unique items. A customer service rep confirmed to me that they are competing with Amazon. I do not have a warehouse or employees, I am not Amazon and do not want to be. I wish I had an alternative.

    • CGSC – I hear you and I understand. Feedback affects the pocketbook one way on another on eBay and also on Amazon. You do have alternatives, in that you can open your own site. But the eBay traffic is where their advantage comes.¬†

    • Ghostflower72

      Dealing with paypal is next to impossible esp. when ebay is involved. I actually use serveral other online auction sites before I list on ebay. Webstore, Bananza and are all much better for sellers in general. I ususally list there for a week and if they don’t sell, then I go to ebay. Ebay is no designed for large retail sellers and small sellers rights and concerns are usually cast aside by ebay’s horrendous customers service.

  • Guest2

    Just some clarifications:  

    What eBay and this article fails to mention is that eBay only removes the COMMENT of the negative feedback. ¬†The negative mark is still counted and remains with the statement ” This comment was removed by eBay”. ¬†The vast majority of negative feedback is left by ignorant and/or immature buyers. ¬†If eBay isn’t going to remove the negative mark itself then I’d rather let the negative comment remain (unless it is vulgar speech). ¬†This way all buyers checking my feedback will see the stupidity of the customer leaving the feedback instead of wondering what the problem was and assuming I’m just a bad seller.
    If an UPI case is opened the buyer can still leave negative feedback. ¬†Only after is has been CLOSED in the seller’s favor (meaning they don’t pay after 4 days and you close the case) is the buyer blocked from leaving feedback. ¬†

  • Thelasticonoclast

    I sympathize with any unwarranted feedback; it’s funny how a negative can make you feel so bad. I’ve experienced it a couple of times, most recently because one cup out of six arrived broken despite tons of bubble wrap. Instead of letting me know the problem, the buyer (an eBay novice, naturally) simply posted a negative without contacting me¬†– I sent a long explanatory email explaining how much I valued feedback, whether she’d consider withdrawing it,¬†and offered a part refund. She seemed so taken aback that I’d been upset by the negative that she immediately rescinded it and accepted the refund. Sadly not all buyers are as easy.
    With regards to numbers of photos you can use, as already mentioned¬†Auctiva is a good option. However, I’ve started inserting photos directly into the listing description by inserting the HTML code – I¬†use Photobucket, not sure about other sites. It’s a bit¬†fiddly at first but ultimately very rewarding as huge photos of the item show that there’s nothing to hide and saves having to wait for enlarged images to load. For instructions, just Google something like ‘Add Pictures To¬†Ebay Listings¬†Free With Photobucket’.

    Off at a slight tangent, isn’t it odd how often¬†items with the worst photos (usually a single blurry pic) and the most ‘succinct’ (ie. basic) description seem to achieve better prices than the beautifully presented, fully described ones?! Wonder how good those sellers’ feedback is?

    • Kristieswisher

      I use Photobucket as well–I think the LARGE pics right in the body of the description show flaws and condition of items much better than ebay’s pics. Ebay deciding to “give” people 12 pics was just because their competition has been doing the multiple free pics thing all along, and greedbay held out as long as they could, squeezing that extra 15 cent per pic from every last seller until it was affecting the bottom line…not to worry though–the next round of changes that ebay has planned for sellers will include more rules and regulations for seller pictures….OR ELSE…¬†

  • Theimagemakerslv

    The truth is that you can offer a flawless product and 100% perfect customer service and yhet the small percentage of buyers that cannot read or cannot be bothered to read the desription or look at the product pictures, will expect some feature that is not listed or promised.

    For a lower volume seller trying to get bigger, the 2% limit¬†on bad DSRs is hopeless.¬† You can easily get a green positive feedback score but the buyer leaves a terrible star rating thinking that we do not know exactly who left this.¬† We cannot even send a request to ask for feedback revision in this set of circumstances.¬† Other buyers fail to read the product instructions and so they have issues and then leave negative feedback and DSR’s despite being asked in the¬†listing and a follow email top contact us for assistance in the event of dissatisfaction.

    Last week we had 99.6% satisfaction and top seller status. Today we have 99.1% and because of two buyers that left poor SR’s we have l;ost ouir Top Seller Status and the 20% discount that eBay gives on the fees.¬† eBay loves that opf course and has no incentive to change.¬† What they do not realize is that when a buyer deliberately and with malice leaves an ujntrue and false feedback and low DSR’s our sales almost stop.eBay has made such a song and dance about buying from Top Sellers that anyone else that has fallen victim to mean spirited buyers¬†¬†that loss of this badge means an ikmmediate drop in sales and so anm immediates decrese in commisons for eBay as well as sales fro the seller.

    Let’s face it is doesn’t really matter for long whatever nasty comments a buyers leaves.¬† However when followed by poor DSR’s the buyer cannot withdraw this at¬† any time and eBay will not intervene under any cicumstances unless ordrered by a Court.¬† The poor DSR’s remain on your eBay sales performance to dange your future sdales and profitability¬†for a full 12 months.

    While we understand the need for feedback to keep sellers honest.¬† owever eBay has to revise the citeria and procedures for leaving feedback and DSR’s.¬† I suggest that more sellers sue buyers for leaving untrue and defamatory feedback on eBay. This can be done for about $45 in the small caims Court and no attorneys are needed.¬† The chnaces you will suceed are good if you Google such cases involving people on eBay that shoot their mouths off.

    eBay needs to immediatley placve a 7 day¬†cooling off period.¬†when a byer wants to leave bad feedback or DSR’s and instruct them to contact buyer for assistaance before feedback is actually posted.


      I sell on ebay too. I have been extorted a few times and have had to “chunk” up a fair bit of change. I have a 1 DSR for an item description – still toprated thought. The person who left the 1 left positive (glorifying) feedback. I agree the DSR rating should be as talked about as pnn with potential buyers. Ebay should educated buyers about the DSR and what it means to a seller to leave anything less than 5 star. A system needs to be set up where ebay and the buyer can arbitrarily dispute anything less than 5 stars. If people only KNEW how hard it is to sell on ebay. Try it for a week – I now leave 5 stars no matter what (unless I don’t receive an item). There should also be more “buyers” appreciation, a little note if you leave anything less than 5%, this seller will lose their 20% discount and may not sell on ebay an longer. Wonderful post, I’d call ebay, give it a shot and see if they can adjust your DSR. I started a new seller account, until the 12 months have expired on my other account. With the low top seller requirements, it seems to be the only way too go. Backup.

  • Kristieswisher

    I am a Power Seller and have been selling on ebay now for over 6 years and have accumulated over 10,000 feedback, and had 100% feedback for years until I had my 2nd negative feedback in my selling years a couple of weeks ago, when a customer in Israel had waited 4 weeks to get her package and it had not been received and she felt she waited long enough. I had done all I could do to ensure that she get her package–and she could have filed a BUYER PROTECTION claim with ebay to get her money back, but she just left negative feedback for me because she could. Since I have no way of knowing if international packages are delivered with any international mail service EXCEPT an expedited and exhorbitantly expensive mail service that my customers would complain about MORE than they do about Priority International prices, I am stuck, if I want to continue shipping internationally. It is also noted that the postal rules for tracking packages are established by the combined international mail services of 180 countries, and THEY decided what mail HAS to be tracked and when, and what doesn’t. I am a very small fish in the ebay seller sea, and I routinely pay $200-300 per month in ebay fees. Over the years, I have watched and experienced how ebay has turned into a greedy and unfriendly place for sellers, no matter how good they are. The “no negative feedback for buyers”¬† policy that ebay established was sold during the time they were promoting the “honest, open” site…LOL, yeah, right….anything BUT honest and open. You are right when you say that ebay has the traffic going for them–that is about all, and I see more and more bigger and bigger sellers leave ebay after every jerky move they make. This last go round with the “14 day return for any reason” or lose your 20% fees discount and preferred search placing status saw quite a few of my own personal favorite BIG titanium sellers leave. I would say that the majority of GOOD ebay sellers are now there grudgingly, and like me, are always looking for a comparable site to sell on so they can leave ebay for good. There is always the option of opening your own online website and for those that don’t want to go that route, there are now more good site choices than before to sell on, and some of the best are growing in popularity and still maintaining the friendliness and reasonable fees that ebay had in the early to middle years. I wish them nothing but success and have found one or two myself to diversify and sell on. All I can say is “May their traffic grow….and grow…and grow….”¬†

    • Ghostlfower72

      Do yourself a favor and cease with internatinoal shipping. I’ve had similiar problems over the years and most of the time they are not worth the hassle. I only ship domestic U.S. now…lesser sales…a few….lesser headaches….without a doubt.

      • Kristieswisher

        ¬†LOL–you are probably right about that…but with ebay, where there are lesser headaches, more will rise up some place else to take their place–ain’t it the truth??


        The best advise anyone will give you. If you sell on ebay, I’m from Canada so ship to the US. Do not ship international, you lose money, items take up to 8 weeks (surface), buyers can file/escalate claims within 45 days, get their money back and your product. Leave you negative feedback. And to top it all of you end up paying the excess for shipping.

        If you must ship international and are looking for additional bids, then state International shipping – AIR ONLY – “AIR” only, email for a quote and give the actual quote. I just shipping a tea set to China (a $400.00 item) charged $49 in shipping, it was $109.00. Buyer filed paypal protection – paypal put a hold on the funds and paid the buyer. Item still hasn’t arrive 7 weeks. How do I get my money back? So there you go, lose $400.00, plus additional $69.00 in shipping, plus product. SO NOT WORTH IT.

    • Brenda Whiteman

      I first opened two stores on: and (US). In 18 months, I sold 6 items. I advertised like crazy, but the traffic just never came. The second I opened my store in Ebay, I started selling. Although the fees are almost catostrophic, I keep in mind there is just no better advertising giant for us. I can’t sit on my items for years at a time….I don’t sell electronics–vintage collectors are very picky who they buy from and whom the trust….so, I started with Ebay and guess I will stay until I find a site (and there will be one eventually) who rises over and above the rest of them.. for now, Ebay is my home. I stopped international as well with the newest changes….I only ship to Canada now, US Protectorates, HI and AK, of course good ol USA -= brenda, BWs Vintage Collectibles ~Ebay

  • Ghostflower72

    I noticed this article didnt bother to mention that ebay’s feedback system is now arranged where the seller has no way of designated negative feedback for a buyer and can only leave positive feedback or none at all. This completely distorts the fairness of the system, leaving sellers at the mercy of sometime unreasonable buyers. I’ve had buyers who have demanded refunds, refused to return items, extort and threaten to damage items before their returned for a refund. And your supposed to apologize to these people? Ebay is without a doubt the worst online auction site for small sellers and there are few options to change to. One site is a great place for the small sellers to go. They don’t charge the sellers at all but do charge the buyers a fee which is terrible for business but you do end up getting a better then feebay. I ususally list my items on there a week before ebay and this system has worked out for me.

  • whatsthedifference

    Excellent article Kat,¬† I’ve used the same formula as well and you are correct it does work. I have to do anything and everything to make it work and the buyers know I do.
    I know that feeling from a negative, I now feel it with every email after a transaction. I dread opening them…

    Theimagemakerslv, hit on a very valid issue and to me is now the biggest flaw that scares me to death.
    When I¬†started my own home business with an eBay store to support myself and children over 10 years ago, I never thought that if I worked hard and put in 7 days a week, 365 days a year for 10 years and be 100% finacially invested in my business, that it all could be¬†taken away by a handful of unknown users, that may have never used the site before. Maintain 100% feedback for all those years but someone¬†misunderstood or just picked any orange dot not knowing what it meant. Or some¬†other seller¬†wants you gone…I never dreamed that kind of power would be given to some 14yr old using Mommies account or someone that just didn’t translate what they were doing or anyone that could accidently click a 1 instead of the 5 would EVER have this kind of power without having it be fact. My problem is DSR’s don’t have to be the truth, strangers that don’t care, other sellers that need your business…you can be flawless and still get it all taken away??
    How dare they allow me to be so invested and change policy that allows user to grade my service any way they want and take 10 years of dedicated hard work every single day groveling over any slight mistake…and eBay doesn’t verify or care if the score is even accurate?¬†
    I realize I’m free to go but why should I have to, I’ve put in more hours than the CEO into this site over the last 10 yrs, haven’t I earned enough respect as a business owner to at least have someone verify that I was scored accurately???
    It’s bad enough when you contact eBay with a site glitch, the person on the other end doesn’t have enough experience to understand what you’re trying to explain to them and does nothing but dismiss your call as a user error.

    The one thing I’d like to add is sellers that feel they had a negative experience and want to leave feedback, they must use the seller feedback link “Report a buyer” so many sellers do not realize that the report a buyer link is ebay’s sellers feedback system. They need to change the name of the link so more sellers use it.
    If a seller has a negative experience and they report the buyer, that report stays linked to the buyer as a seller feedback BEHIND the scenes. If a buyer has a pattern of abusing sellers, they will be restricted and even removed them, along with any negs or neutrals they have given any and all sellers. Sellers need to report what thier negative experience was¬†about, ¬†before they just move on. Abusing eBays buyer protection policy needs to be reported, that’s an email I don’t mind getting. You’re emailed that the feedback was removed, even if it was from 7 months ago..that done by sellers leaving feedback on the back end.
    First class international registered mail, use the international shipping calculator for first class international shipping add 11.75 to your handling fee for the registered mail. The registered mail is not available online, you can print your ebay label attack as usual, at the window tell them you want it sent registered, you add the registered mail tracking number to the transaction. That one is trackable and cuts down on your international shipping costs.

  • Wanted to let you know that this isn’t exactly true:
    “If you file an unpaid item dispute (UPI) then the ability of the buyer to leave feedback is blocked.”

    If you’ve filed a UPI, and the buyer subsequently pays before it is closed, the buyer RETAINS the ability to leave negative feedback.

    Think about that before leaving snarky feedback along the lines of, “Thanks for FINALLY paying.” ¬† ūüėČ

  • Genese Williams

    I am small-time seller on eBay and had recently started increasing my selling activity with used books. ¬†I had been¬†successful¬†enough to keep at it and try to grow my business but I am certainly one of the small fish in the eBay sea…more like a krill, really…LoL! ¬†Anyhow, I recently had a buyer claim that they didn’t get a book that I shipped. It weighed >4 oz and I sent with 3 postage stamps from my wallet, with no tracking. Not the smartest thing to do, i know, but the item was of low value and I had never had any postal issues. ¬†Buyer opened a case, the dispute was settled with my giving her a full refund (a whopping $4.79), and I thought that would be the end. ¬†Imagine my surprise when she left me a negative feedback rating, my first ever! ¬†Since my overall rating is only 187, that one negative caused my score to plummet from 100% to 97.7%! ¬†I contacted eBay Cust Svc and they told me that they could do nothing about it, but that I could work something out with my buyer and get her to do a feedback revision. ¬†After negotiating with the buyer, I sent her another copy of the book that I got from another source (Amazon $2.50) and once she received it submit to her the revision request. ¬†My perfect feedback score was worth the $2.50 to me. ¬†Book was rec’d and revision request was sent, but she failed to respond within the allotted 7days and the request was closed. ¬†When I contacted her about it, she claimed that she did indeed fulfill the revision request and that it must be an¬†eBay¬†system error. ¬†Speaking with cust svc again, I find out that you can only ever send one revision request and if it goes unanswered, well, too bad! ¬†All of our communication had been through eBay’s email system (as was suggested in the above article), Pointing this out to the svc rep, she reviewed the correspondence, saw that what I said was true, but still insisted that it made no difference…eBay would do nothing further and I would have to live with the negative. ¬†It irritates me that after following all eBay’s recommendations for handling disputes, I am still out the cost of two books and the lowering of my feedback score. ¬†What has me gnashing my teeth in blind fury (over about ten bucks, for pete’s sake!), is that there is absolutely nothing that I could have done differently to secure my expected outcome! ¬†Who decided to arm eBay buyers with all this power over their sellers and why has it not been checked??? ¬†Why can a revision request be sent only once? ¬†Why can eBay not correct situations such as this where the situation is clearly unjust to the seller? ¬†Why does eBay allow this loophole to stay open? ¬†Why have they tipped the scales so far in favor of buyers that sellers must jump through new and higher hoops with each successive policy update? What happened to “buyer beware”? ¬†Caveat emptor has been one of the driving principles of commerce for centuries, but clearly eBay has never heard of it! ¬†Surely there is a way to make feedback fairer for all. ¬†The way it stands now, its not a trustworthy indicator of anything, and therefore, perfectly pointless!

  • Mcmichaelsonline

    I am from Canada and have been selling for about 4 years, I don’t loose any sleep over customers and what they say or do, I have been in customer service for my day job for over 20 years. The 20% discount is great while you have it, the eBay gods givith and the eBay gods taketh away. It is there business, not mine, we just use it under their rules.

    Anyway, buy low and sell high, the difference is your profit after subtracting costs, what ever those costs are. Some days you make a bunch of cash and other days less. Open up a store on as many websites as possible and sell on volume. Keep it simple and watch your blood pressure, you know who the good customers are, they don’t want you in the hospital, all the others are not worth thinking about.

    I ship all over the world, I sold $30,000.00 last year and pocketed nearly $10,000.00. 1 out of 3 customers provide feedback, 1 out of 100 of those who leave feedback complain. Am I average, I don’t know, I just keep selling and hopefully I will have repeat customers for life.

    At the end of the day if you feel in your heart that you have done everything in your power to service the customer and not your self, pat you self on the back and figure out how to improve your service to the customer.

    Good luck and keep on selling.

    • Mac

      Thanks, Mcmichaelonline.  I am considering becoming a seller on eBay, but all this power that buyers currently possess has been discouraging to me.  Maybe, I will go ahead and become a seller.  At least, what what you have said has giving me a brighter outlook.

    • qualitysells100

      Quite right, a small % will never be happy, luckily 99% are reasonable people. I charge full price for international sales (and so get very few) but if someone wants a coin for a dollar and is prepared to pay q0 dollars for shipping then I will do it. E Bay charges are high but you have to build them in and also a small % of negatives that you refund. I do not think there are too many out there who will `con` you. All the best from the U.K. (No ebay charges on post but all photos after the first are charged)

  • Wrapper494

    I must say some are just looking for free stuff.¬† They know bad feedback just kills the sellers and the DSR–I think it is way too strick.¬† All this is someone “opinion” about an item.¬† I think the whole system needs revamping!

  • We used to have almost 1000 plant items listed on ebay. For years their
    commission fees were in the 10% range, then 11%, and then 13%. We could
    live with that. However, when they started charging 9% fees on the
    shipping amount collected, we had to draw the line with our heavier
    plants. Our affective commission rate going to ebay was nearly 20%. So
    we moved all of our large plants (just about anything over 1 pound) to
    our own website, and just use ebay to ship small items by first class
    and offer free shipping. That keeps our overall ebay fees much lower. Then,
    we place a coupon or business card in the ebay package that refers
    cactus and succulent lovers to our web sites. So, esentially, we now use
    ebay as a traffic builder to our web sites, rather than our primary
    selling venue.

    • CrazySuperSellRStore

      has “got to be” one of the smartest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say
      anywhere about how to “use” ebay for a stepping stone… really this
      is genius! i am going to do this myself!!!!! excellent advise for sure! got
      anymore? thanks, “this is a keeper!” it’s about time ebay get put in
      their place for being such an evil empire full of greed and liars! CS is not
      only evil, but intentionally lazy… they are no different than anywhere else
      on planet earth who are lazy gluttons… but let me tell you “why”
      they’re like this… no one and i mean “no one” can build a company
      from lies and ever be truthful, it’s not in them and that it point blank! evil
      is not kind, loving or admirable, but only evil, mean, hateful and always, and
      i mean always, “full” of evil! above all else ebay wants nothing else
      but evil lust for power, and that breeds only evil in all things, only evil…
      and here’s the clincher… it “is” going to get worse and never any
      better… mark my words… ebay will eventually “only” be not only
      like amazon, but bigger and when they are your chance for survival is over! if
      you think they’re ruthless now… just wait it “will” get worse, a
      whole lot worse… so b4 you are taken under… listen to the words of the
      wise… find yourself another place to sell… only a fool waits for evil to
      destroy him… the prudent take notice of wrong and avoid it… now, listen to
      the words of the wise and escape b4 you are taken under by their greed, lust
      and horrible wickedness! run, i tell you… run, do not walk… run b4 they are
      2 big 4u 2 resist and then you’ll find yourself in turmoil over a decision u
      should have made long ago! when this happens 2u, don’t say no-1 warned you!
      because “now” you have been warned and given a chance to flee, now the
      thing to consider is this… where will you go? is it really that hard to
      understand, no, go “anywhere but don’t stay on ebay! the only way to
      invoke change is to be the one who says… no more, regardless of the cost, no
      more, i will “not” tolerate their evil any longer, i will make a
      stand and do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do!!! I know
      most do “not” have this resolve, but a few, a very few do and this is
      who I am speaking to and for! You who have “ears” to hear, hear this
      word and obey and flee the coming wrath meant for those who refuse to listen
      “and” obey!

  • Etsy Sales

    Quote from Article ————“or even keep the item and I am refunding your money also”——
    Imagine all the buyers who will try to accompolish this just by reading this. If they complain enough, a seller might just tell them to keep the¬† item and receive their money back also. Where does this leave sellers…..DOUBLE LOSS. I think ebay needs to be FAIR TO BOTH SIDES and let Sellers leave negative like back in the old days of non payers back in early 2004 and years around that time frame. I stopped selling on ebay because of unfair polices that left sellers with no way to defend for themseves while contstantly getting ripped off by dead beat byers.
    I think if Sellers have to put credit or debit cards on file for payment purposes SO SHOULD BUYERS. When they fail to complete a transaction, it shoud be deducted from their account and if they can’t pay the bill, KICK THEM OFF just like you do sellers.
    Ebay thinks their buyers are the backbone of their site. I disagree, it’s the sellers. Without sellers, you have no buyers. The way you currently treat your sellers is pushing them to leave your site to go sell other places.
    BE FAIR TO EVERYONE EBAY….sellers have feelings too. Give us back our right to leave negative feedback.¬† And MAKE buyers put credit card on file too. ON day 5 if they don’t pay, TAKE IT FROM THEIR ACCOUNT. You dont hesitate to pull money from seller’s accounts to give to the buyers when they aren’t satisfied….GIVE SELLERS THE DAME RESPECT.

    • CrazySuperSellRStore

      Now, here’s someone who has an understanding of the truth and sees things as they are, BUT ebay doesn’t want to hear the truth they want MONEY AND THAT’S ALL THEY WANT! Why do you think they penalize sellers? BECAUSE IT MAKES THEM MORE MONEY… DING, DING, DING… WHATTA¬†WE HAVE FOR’EM JONHNNY??? More Money… NO, just more BS from ebay! If U don’t like the rules, just wait FIVE MINUTES they’ll CHANGE!!! BUT NOT IN FAVOR OF THEIR REAL AND ONLY CUSTOMERS, YES THE SELLERS!!! ebay WILL MAKE MORE RULES TO PENALIZE SELLERS AND HELP BUYERS SCAM SELLERS AND ebay WILL BE HAPPIER THAN EVER AND SO WILL THEIR STOCK HOLDERS… ebay’s¬†REALLY “REAL” CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!! Ocea B. Rice aka CrazySuperSellRStore. I AM NOT AFRAID OF ebay OR ANYONE ELSE… I LIVE WITH A CLEAR CONSCIENCE AND I KNOW WHO I AM AND HWERE I BELONG AND WHERE I AM GOING… SO I FEAR NOTHING FROM NO ONE… EVER!!!!!!

  • John Weingartner

    Yes! Yes! You guy’s are right on the money about the extortionists. Let’s say you sell a 10 ounce US Mint silver ingot for $300. The buyer then claims that the ingot is only 5 ounces and wants half of their money back. You offer a full refund and even to pay for return shipping, but the extortionist refuses to send the item back and threatens bad feedback, even mentioning that you could lose your power seller status. Ebay will do NOTHING to help! The way to handle this, and I’m talking to EBAY, is to make it that if you offer a refund, that the person cannot leave negative feedback. Make all the messages through eBay and there is the proof. What is so wrong with eBay that they can’t think of that???!! My friend is getting hammered with these extortionists.¬†

  • Jimbo

    We just got a¬†“Seller Update” which says “It’s All About You”. I was rolling on the floor laughing. As soon as they took the ability for sellers to leave neutral or negative feedback on a buyer, it’s all about the buyers.

    And this was only the beginning. Sellers also have to endure silly rules like commissions on shipping paid by the buyer, forced 14 day returns, forced one day handling, etc., just so we can be good puppies and get our Top-Rated Seller Milk-Bone 20% off biscuit every month.

    The truth is, the Detailed Seller Ratings attributes are really more important than feedback. With the multitude of buyers who do not read details, one must be lucky (no matter how they “cover their bases”) to not encounter at least two or three bad buyers in a 12 month period.

    I send an e-mail to all buyers after I ship an item to let them know their package is in the mail (in case they do not see the eBay / PayPal message), and to thank them for their business. Also, I request that if there is ANY REASON to leave less than a 5 star rating in any of the DSR attributes to send an e-mail, so any problems can perhaps be addressed.

    This has worked, for the most part, and my DSR ratings are solid. Now eBay does not want sellers to communicate with buyers after the transaction is completed. They will give an automatic 5 star rating on “Communication” if NO e-mails are sent. How hypocritical is that???

    Perhaps there are many other sellers who make this same “Strive For Five” request, and they don’t need buyers leaving excellent ratings.

    Why?? Because eBay MAKES MONEY WHEN SELLERS FAIL, and LOSES MONEY WHEN THEY SUCCEED, according to the dictatorial Detailed Seller Ratings format.

    • Bpintoro

       I print out little notes and put it in each item I ship asking the buyer to contact me if there is any problem prior to leaving feedback or low star ratings OR filing a claim with ebay.  So far it seems to have worked. But I had one buyer write to me and said the note made it obvious I was afraid of problems with ebay and wanted to keep the item or they would leave negatives if I did not also issue a refund. So basically I had to buy my good feedback and stars from them. Very disappointing experience that when reported to ebay nothing was done about it.

      • Jimbo

        If you leave a note in a package, there is no way for eBay to track this. But if you leave an e-mail (first thanking them for their business), there is a record of this with eBay. Not saying they will use it for anything constructive, but it couldn’t hurt……..

  • Belfry Marian

    Ah, where to begin…I got into Ebay as a result of being disabled. ¬†It offered me hope. ¬†I even went ¬†to business school, and have invested thousands of hours and dollars in my micro-business. I live in a rural area 15 miles from the post office. ¬†Since I started in Ebay (2006) I have 100 percent feedback that I have lost much profit over because I understand the importance of web reputation. ¬†The way Ebay has things set up now, I will never be a power seller. ¬†I don’t have the stamina to make volume requirements. ¬†I cannot waste gas on a daily trip to the PO (it is¬†environmentally¬†irresponsible and we don’t have pick-up here). ¬†I can’t even explain to my buyers my situation because Ebay censors my listing. ¬†The real thing that has eliminated my profit is constant changes the company has made. ¬†Why not limit this to at most once every two years?

    The advice here is sound.  But it is shareholders that Ebay is catering to.

    • Personalizedcustomgifts

      ¬†eBay feedback system is the worst! I just had a buyer who purchased and item for $50.00 and emailed and said she wasn’t happy with it. I told her to return the item at my cost for a full refund. She then emailed that she had threw the item in the trash because she didn’t like it and demanded I refund her. I very nicely explained that you can’t go into any store in America, purchase and item, go home and throw it in the trash and then demand a refund. Guess she didn’t understand and left me rotten negative feedback. Sounds like a scam to me that she wanted to keep the item and get her money back.
      Who throws and item away and then demands a refund? Guess eBay buyers do. This is what eBay does to us, allows any buyer to try a scam and then if we don’t go along with it we suffer the consequences. Where is the fairness in that?

      • Shoppinsfun

        ¬†I recently had a buyer who purchased a clay baker.¬† When she got it decided she didn’t have room for it – it was too big.¬† My description made it clear how big it was and she had understood that.¬† According to the rules she got to return it but on her nickel and I refunded all the money, for the item and her shipping $15, she had sent to me. It was heavy and I live way up in NH. ¬† According to the rules sellers are not obligated to pay for the return shipping.¬† Now I have no chance to resell it again because I had to add the lost shipping cost to the item making it too expensive to buy (competition is fierce for these bakers).¬† Because ebay retains all emails you have proof of what she said and they would have backed your case.¬† The only time a buyer gets back their money is when they return their item (they must have a return tracking number).¬† Also if they do not follow these rules they are not allowed to give negative feedback and it must be retracked.¬† You would have to contact ebay about it.¬† From the beginning this whole process should have gone through the RESOLUTION process.¬† See this info is @ and/or¬† Please read all the way down the pages.¬† Hope this helps in the future in order you are protected from these scam artists.

      • Jimbo

        Amazon buyers try the same scams too, because of their “A to Z Guarantee”. They claim an item is defective, and they want a refund. I then tell them to send the item back, and in many cases, I never hear from them again.

        The problem with eBay is that they are trying to enact Amazon style policies on used and collectible merchandise. In any antique store, mall, or auction house, it’s a generally accepted practice that there are NO REFUNDS. Period.

        You are correct, eBay is not fair. This is American big business, and nowadays all bets are off the table when it comes to integrity and honesty. It’s all about making shareholders happy, and shipping as many jobs to foreign countries as possible.

  • Lilysmiles4u

    I have called Ebay several times and discussed feedback policies. I believe that if a buyer leaves a negative feedback, they should be REQUIRED to contact the seller to explain their situation and ask for some resolution and then WAIT at least 3 days for the seller to respond and attempt to work things out. (¬†I say 3 days because I am sick of having to work 7 days a week to make sure I don’t miss one single complainer.) It seems absolutely unreasonable that anyone can leave a negative feedback rating or a seller rating lower than 3 without being required to communicate first. It’s simple and many uneducated buyers or honest (but confused) buyers will work to resolve the issue. Sadly, almost every buyer who does conatct me with a problem is immediately rude, accusatory and very impatient as if they believe I had nothing better to do than make a mistake. I often wonder how all these “perfect” people live in real life because I know I will certainly make a few more mistakes before I quit ebay. I always allow myself¬†to write out my honest resonse, then wait a few minutes and force a smile and delete. Then I write out the right response and try to remind myself that you cannot¬†win them all but being super honest, detailed and consiliatory does win over 3 out of 4.¬†

    I also believe and have suggested several times, that buyers who leave negative feedback should be tracked by percentage. If a buyer leaves more than a certain percentage of negatives as opposed to postives, they should be removed from ebay. They obviously aren’t happy anyway and I almost always find that someone who leaves me a negative and has more than a few feedback, will almost certainly have a history of leaving negative and neutral feedback. The size is always “too small” or the colors “not right” or the book was “too slow” to arrive.
    I also believe that any item with uploaded tracking information that arrives within the estimated arrival time should not be allowed a rating of less than 3. Will somebody please tell these buyers that I am not going to deliver their package myself? The dinosaur that we call the post office is inefficient, careless and staffed by too many people who don’t care about what they do. I can’t help it if I sent a package from CT and it made it to NJ on it’s way to you and then just vanished. Do they think that I snuck into the NJ facility and took it back? Really, you should see the emails I get.

  • E K

    I left ebay because of several reasons.
    1.  Their high fees.
    2.¬† Paypal’s high fees.
    3.  A non-paying customer, who decided they did not want the product, refused to pay.  When ebay was contacted they did NOTHING!
    4.  Use craigslist.  It is free!

  • Sortrfta

    I have never wrote before-but it is obvious that the E-Bay feedback scheme is no good-never should BEST BUYER be for selling value¬†amount-that is just unfair on the smaller shops-with all the increases-to be told you don,t qualify because you only sell items around $2.00 each-you may sell there¬†amount¬†to join but you can never make the amount that is set-totally unfair and a rort also the last is the most mind-blowing-you can not become BEST SELLER because you don,t have a credit card for no bad reasons-but you don’t have one-they have your bank details-please tell me why i need to have these things now to sell comics and trading cards,CCG’s-if anyone can guide me through this-i would appreciate it-also info on an alternative to E-Bay-as i am not¬†re-buying¬†etc.-what i have been selling for 7 years¬†nearly¬†8 is 1 Collection/my own- COMIC /CARD/CCG’s-due to reasons my youth was indoors-so i amassed over 50,000+ comics, 1,000,000+ Trading cards and 10,000+C.C.Gs-[Magic,Star Trek,Overpower,Etc.]
    There must be a way i can finally list what i have for sale Etc. similar to ebay-so people can come buy issues runs they missed or want and pay without all these fees and now being penalized-

  • Reece506


  • Mac

    So far, I have only been an eBay buyer, but I find that the
    buyers have way too much control and power over sellers.  Over past year, I have thrice informed a
    seller that I am returning an item for a refund because it did not match the item
    description in their listing.  This
    usually had to do with the condition of the item‚ÄĒnew or used.¬† What all three sellers did was to issue me a
    refund and told me to keep the item. 
    According to this article by Kat Simpson, this is what sellers have to
    do to get positive feedback, and I do believe it.   However,
    this is not right because many buyers will take advantage of this kind of
    situation, and everyone reading this comment knows there are people who will
    take advantage.  I even tried to get each
    seller to take the back the item, but they would not.  Even if you have to take a small loss I think
    that the seller should accept the return, and then, issue the refund with an apology.  This would keep buyers in check and prevent
    this problem from getting out of hand. 
    Please note that I am not a seller, as yet, and do not understand all
    the problems that each seller faces daily on eBay.  Quite honestly, a great deal of this lack of
    support to the seller is discouraging me from becoming a seller, and I have a
    lot of great high quality items that I would like to sell.

    • Anonymous

      ¬†I’ve issued a few small refunds over my first year as a seller and in all but two cases (one where I mixed up the shipments and the other buyer really wanted his game, the other where I could still resell part of the shipment) it is far more economical to just let the customer keep or throw out the item and claim the loss on your taxes. The time and cost involved on small items isn’t worth it.

    • Mcmichaelsonline

      I sell and issue refunds when a customer shows me digital photos of the item and its condition. I request all items to be returned, when the issue is questionable, I have had customers complain about having to return the item, I just tell them it is no different at Zellers or Sears, they do not issue refunds without a return. The cost of shipping is the no different then the cost of driving to Sears or Zellers.
      Once an items is completely refunded I don’t think anyone can leave feedback, the seller or the buyer.

  • Macxjunk

    Since eBay has decided to turn their system into a childish trip to Chuckie Cheese, with the stars, points & other nonsense; I’ve decided to treat them like a gambling site.¬† More & More¬†I list less and less on eBay, and have been taking truckloads of good items to ‘real auctions’.¬† It’s still kinda fun- but the thrill is gone.¬†

    Having been a highly rated seller for 13 years means nothing to them.  It can all change in a second with a disgruntled buyer who is unreasonable or just plain crazy.  Yes, there are some remedies within the system- IF you want to spend ages wading through endless unclear instructions and making calls that yield questionable results.  Like everything else in this country, eBay has been refitted to benefit the inept and ill informed to the detriment of the honest sellers.

    Playing ‘whack-a-mole’ with the ever changing rules & requirements has worn me out.¬† They should roll out a totally automated setup that would completely eliminate the need for human sellers.¬† I’m just one old guy and can’t deal with all of the¬†gadgetry they want sellers to employ.

    And- hand written notes!- REALLY?!¬† On scented stationery with lots of X’s & O’s- LOL!¬†¬†

  • ride2live

    FYI for sellers complaining about the Ebay Seller SR- when you offer free shipping Ebay automatically assigns you 5 stars for shipping. Also if there is no communication between seller and buyer, the buyer isn’t given the option to give a star rating on communication. This may be a recent development, but it’s the right direction for a change.

  • I used to be an avid buyer on Ebay and I’ve purchased hundreds of items. In my experiences, about 1 in 10 are
    deliberately misrepresented. Ive received everything from items glued
    together to dolls with the eyebrows drawn on them to broken dishes and missing items. I’ve learned you can’t bid on pictures.

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