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Etsy’s June GMV Balloons 65%

Summer slowdown? Not yet.

Summertime typically means slower sales, but so far, Etsy hasn’t noted a major dip in activity. The artisan marketplace reports its community sold $61.9 million worth of goods in June.

While that number is 6.1-percent lower than May’s scorching figure of nearly $66 million, it’s up by 65 percent from the same time last year, when Etsy reported GMV of $38.4 million.

Is the small decline from May to June the start of a big summer dip? It depends on who you ask. Some Etsy sellers say June was their best month yet this year, while others report having no sales to speak of. Still others note that the real slowdown hits in July.

Overall, Etsy’s June numbers are comparable to the March time frame, when activity on the marketplace started picking up steam after the post-Christmas lull.

Etsy reports that 2,951,224 items were sold in June, down 2.7 percent from May, but up 54.3 percent from June 2011. June also saw a 2.8-percent decline in new items listed, to 2,184,850, while page views, at 1.23 billion for June, were down about 4 percent from May.

The number of new users in June rose 0.2 percent over May to 689,614, which is a 43-percent increase in new users from June 2011.

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