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Etsy Inspires 1 in 5 Sales From Pinterest

Survey finds small retailers benefit most from image curation sites.

Etsy seems to be getting a lot of love from users of curation sites like Pinterest. Not only is the artisan marketplace the top source of content on the popular online pin board, but a recent survey finds that it also gets the most sales from Pinterest users.

According to Bizrate Insights, nearly 20 percent of online shoppers who bought something after seeing it on Pinterest made the purchase on Etsy. Items pinned from branded stores and small boutiques were next, receiving a respective 13 percent and 12 percent of Pinterest-inspired sales.

“Our research among online buyers shows that image-sharing sites have inspired purchases, a trend that will likely grow as more categories/images/brands/retailers become available on sites such as Pinterest,” says Hayley Silver, vice president of Bizrate Insights. “Smaller retailers appear to be leading the charge on sites such as Pinterest, as exemplified by their ability to ignite a passionate base of supporters to gain sales through grassroots efforts… It will be interesting to see how the dynamic changes as larger retail brands begin to emulate or improve upon customer engagement in the new medium.”

The survey finds that Clothing & Apparel was the top category purchased on Pinterest, at 39 percent, and the second-most browsed category, at 44 percent. Home, Garden & Pool/Spa was the top browsed category, at 45 percent.

Previously, the researcher reported that nearly a third of Pinterest users bought an item they saw on the site, and one in four bought it by clicking through to the site that offered the product.

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