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Variety Sellers Disadvantaged in eBay Feedback System

I do read your stories and look at the featured sellers and what I did notice was that they all mostly sell the same items in their individual stores, e.g. mailing bags, outdoor patio fire pits, cakes, books, pottery, CDs, etc.

I want to ask about eBay sellers like myself who list a wide variety of items, from new and used clothing to fantasy and gothic goods.

It is easier for a seller concentrating on a niche to get 100-percent eBay feedback because not a lot can go wrong. I take pictures, put sizes in listings, but you do get buyers who leave negative or neutral feedback because [the item was] “not as expected,” “looks larger in picture,” or “skirt does not fit,” even though all sizing is listed. Some buyers don’t seem to fully read the listings.

Selling a wide variety, compared to specializing in one type, is not taken into account by eBay.

Liverpool, U.K.

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