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Bonanza Launches Mobile Site

Design update targets on-the-go shoppers.

Online marketplace Bonanza has optimized its site for on-the-go shoppers, in response to significant growth in the amount of traffic coming from mobile devices.

Mobile traffic to Bonanza has “nearly doubled from this time last year,” reports developer Ryan Hicks in a blog post discussing the new mobile site. “We can’t ignore that kind of growth, especially when all projections are that mobile growth will only increase.”

Mobile visitors will see a more streamlined site with fewer frills, larger fonts, more white space and bigger buttons and links. For now, Bonanza’s mobile-site optimization centers on making it easier for shoppers to find and buy products.

Later enhancements are planned to add functionality for sellers, like making it easier to snap and post pictures from a phone, and check and respond to messages within Bonanza.

The updated site is designed to automatically sense when a visitor is on a mobile device, and display in the mobile-optimized format. Non-mobile visitors won’t notice any difference.

“We want our sellers to experience the full benefit of their buyers, whether those buyers arrive via mobile or not,” Hicks notes.

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