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Storms Leave Millions in the Dark

Online sellers, buyers urge patience, understanding between trading partners.

Millions of people in the Midwest and on the East Coast have been without power for several days, and it could be a few more days until power is completely restored.

According to news reports, summer storms on late Friday and early Saturday bombarded the Midwest and East Coast with thunder, lightning and strong winds. In some places, winds reached 80 mph, knocking down power poles and trees—and leaving an estimated 2 million people from North Carolina to New Jersey in the dark.

Autumn Gadbois, an Etsy seller living in Ohio, was without power for four days. She says the power outage was “horrible.”

“I have had to cancel all of my orders for the week. It makes me worry that the customers will get upset with me. However, I have no control,” she adds.

Sellers discuss the power outages on this eBay Community thread. One poster asked buyers to be “gentle with sellers.”

“Please understand that [sellers] may not be able to respond to your messages or ship immediately as they have no computer access,” the poster writes. “Wi-Fi is out all over the place. Backup systems are nonfunctional. Great sellers are still trying to be great, but they’re no match for Mother Nature. Please be patient and reasonable.”

Another reminds sellers that conditions may also affect buyers. “A little consideration and understanding is needed in both directions,” the poster adds.

Officials say power has been restored to most residents, but some may have to wait until the weekend.

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