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eBay UK Restricts Use of 3rd-Party Listing Tools

Unannounced policy change forces new sellers to use eBay's listing form for first 90 days.

eBay U.K. appears to be restricting new private sellers from using third-party listing tools in an effort to let them learn more about its listing features.

The marketplace recently showed the following message to a new user who was trying to list his items through Auctiva, in the user’s Auctiva account:

“To help new private sellers like you get used to selling and delivering the level of customer service you need to succeed, we do not offer bulk editing and listing tools to new private sellers… In the meantime, please use the Sell Your Item form or Easy Lister to list your items.”

At the top of the note, customers were encouraged to contact eBay support if they had questions about this policy.

eBay’s move surprises

Auctiva’s Product Manager Rebecca Miller was surprised to learn of the restriction, and that the message appeared in the user’s account. She tells The Online Seller she contacted eBay to learn more about the newly enacted listing policy, but she has yet to receive a response.

New eBay U.K. users will be able to use third-party listing tools after 90 days and they have at least 10 feedbacks as a seller

eBay normally gives third-party software partners advance notice of changes that will affect the listing process.

The message states that new eBay U.K. users will be able to use bulk editing and other third-party listing tools after 90 days pass and they have received at least 10 feedbacks as a seller.

Another seller posted the message on this eBay U.K. forum thread, where a new Turbo Lister user reports having trouble trying to use Turbo Lister to post his items on eBay.

Auctiva will continue to offer free 30-day trials to all eBay U.K. sellers, Miller adds.

Unannounced policy change

Auctiva’s Sales Manager Peter Weiglein contacted eBay U.K.’s customer support to ask about the issue. He shared a transcript of his conversation with The Online Seller. During the conversation, the representative Weiglein spoke with was not sure when the change went into effect but added that “it’s a recent change.”

When Weiglein asked why the new policy was in place, the support representative noted, “So that new seller(s) may learn more about eBay’s general features of eBay before listing through the tools.”

Weiglein later asked when eBay informs customers that they can’t use third-party listing tools. The rep responded, “I will suggest this to our team… that they put it up on the site or FAQ’s page on eBay, or maybe announce it so that all members are made aware of it.”

It is unknown if the policy applies to other eBay sites. Asked whether the policy also applied to users of the U.S. site, the representative noted, “I am not sure about eBay U.S., but it is for [the] eBay U.K. community.”

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  • Gonna be seriously pissed if they try this in the US. Inkfrog saves me so much time and money. 

  • Ditto for me.  I use Auctiva–BECAUSE Ebay discontinued their own product (SAB).

  • Docsbeach

    UK policies are differnt from the US. I used to have 100+ listings a month in the UK site, but their higher fees weren’t worth it any longer. Members with a store are supposed to have lower rates, BUT it doesn’t count if your store is registered in the US. I’ve pulled all my UK listings permanently.

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