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Shopping + Pinterest = shopinterest

New invitation-only site allows sellers to build Pinterest stores.

Sellers have been hearing about the marketing power Pinterest offers, but now they can use that power to makes sales with a new site that allows them to create Pinterest stores.

The site, called shopinterest, allows merchants to turn their Pinterest boards into stores in minutes, according to its sign-up page. To start using the site, sellers can request an invitation to start an account. When they get it, they can choose the pin boards on which their listings are displayed, add prices and descriptions for their products they want to sell, and specify start and end dates for their listings.

“All followers can see your inventory, shop and pay on the spot,” shopinterest notes on its sign-up page.

To buy, shoppers just select the items they want from a shopinterest store and head to checkout. Afterward, they’re sent back to the store from which they made their purchase.

The creators of the site, the same men who started Pintics, an analytics and tools site, say shopinterest is the best option for selling on Pinterest because the site is “well designed, and we make it really easy for any Pinterest user to be able to sell.”

The creators started shopinterest as a project for the AngelHack Hackathon, an event that brings thousands of developers from around the U.S. together to show off their latest creations.

“[shopinterest] will be awesome. Stay tuned,” a Pintics blog post states.

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  • The company I’ve built my site with already has this feature. It’s a good idea. Howard

  • Just out of interest, do you think Pinterest is the best social media site where you can advertise your product? With FB for friends and Twitter more for journo’s, not denying that people use the previous two for advertising, but does it work?

    I think Pinterest is the best medium as it is more graphic orientated, but it’s really up to the possible client and user of Pinterest. 


  • Lynn

    I provided my e-mail address on the first screen, and submitted it.

    I have a great difficulty reading what’s on the second screen, but it appears that they want some email addresses to send a referral link to.

    I haven’ received any acknowledgement of providing my e-mail address, and I’m not able to set up a store!

    Anyone have an idea of what is going on? Will I receive a invitation since I provided my e-mail address?


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