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What Happened to eBay Seller Protections?

In response to What Does It Take To Be Top Rated?:

I have been selling on eBay since 1999. I am a good seller, but have had some back luck with some buyers and ended up with two bad feedbacks. If a seller does something that is clearly wrong then that is deserved. In both cases, that is not what had happened. But, as usual, the seller seems to be the least protected.

Recently, I have noticed that my eBay feedback has been slowly decreasing, as far as positive feedback, and I have had nothing but good feedback coming in. How can that be? My percentage should not be 98, when only 2 negs were posted in one year, and the rest positive.

Not long ago, it was 98.6, then 98.1 and now 98.0. I have only had positive feedbacks, but yet my rating is decreasing. I think that needs to be changed. I work hard for a good reputation and this is how the eBay seller is represented.

I have heard more and more people speak of how disappointed they are with eBay and I have to agree that—between the feedback policy, the lack of protection the sellers receive, the increases in fees and how only PayPal is supposed to be used to receive payment, amongst other complaints I have heard—it’s no wonder people are switching over to other sites to sell.


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